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Today, Data Security solutions provider, Lepide, introduced their Universal Auditing piece into LepideAuditor 19.3 to help widen the range of covered platforms. Universal Auditing allows Lepide to connect to and support any platform with an accessible log source through its API. This release makes Lepide the best-in-class when it comes to providing on-premise and cloud auditing solutions. The Universal Auditing piece in LepideAuditor 19.3 will enable users to do the … Read more

Today, Lepide announced the release of four brand new free tools designed to provide visibility over critical security states and changes that could affect data security. The free tools in this release include: Active Directory Account Lockout Examiner – Easily identify when an account has been lockout out and examine which machine the account lockout originated from. Remote management functionality allows you to unlock the accounts or reset the password … Read more

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. announces launch of Lepide Exchange Migration Services for doing Exchange to Office 365 and Exchange-to-Exchange (on-premise migration remotely. Click here to know more.

Lepide Software had today launched a new product named LepideMigrator for Exchange to migrate all users’ mailboxes along with their content and mailbox configuration from one Exchange Server to another. This product supports both intra-forest and cross-forest migration. The software supports migration from and to between two Exchange Servers of any version hosted anywhere either locally, in the network, or at cloud. It migrates users’ mailboxes, public folders, archive mailboxes, … Read more

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. has today launched a Live Auditing solution named LepideAuditor Suite. This 3-in-1 product audits the Active Directory, Group Policy Objects, and Exchange Server. Being a real-time, centralized, and configurable Change Auditor, this product turns out to be one-stop solution for the Administrators, IT Staff, and Auditors. You can create multiple screens in its Dashboard and add up to six graph widgets in each screen. LiveFeed widget … Read more

Lepide Software today launched one more Access and Change Auditor in its LepideAuditor flagship series. This new product is known as LepideAuditor for SharePoint that supports SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013. With more than 40 detailed reports, it lets the users to monitor the changes in servers, farms, sites, sub-sites, lists, libraries, content, documents, files, folders, users, and groups. The software sends the instant alerts for the critical … Read more

Lepide Software today launched Lepide Active Directory Cleaner – a complete Active Directory cleanup solution to detect and manage inactive accounts in Active Directory. Lepide Active Directory Cleaner is developed to help IT administrators and reduce the tiring hours and efforts that manual AD cleanup requires. Software locates inactive and obsolete accounts in AD and helps to manage them through automated actions i.e. reset password, delete, disable and move inactive … Read more

In the series of its Audit tools, Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. has today launched LepideAuditor for Exchange Server – a one-stop centralized solution for auditing multiple Exchange Servers in a network. It lets you monitor and audit each change in the Exchange environment. You can maintain in-depth change auditing trails for every change made by any user, power user, delegates, administrator, owner, and non-owner. Long-term storage of the records lets … Read more

Lepide Software announces the launch of Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder- a competent solution to keep administrator as well as the user informed about password expiry status. Software is designed and developed to keep administrator and the user aware of password expiry status, so that issues such as compliance violation, service downtime, unmanageable help desk calls and declined efficiency can be avoided. Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder provides the facility … Read more

Lepide software announces the release of LepideAuditor for SQL Server- A comprehensive solution to track and report changes made to SQL server databases, permissions, configuration and all other objects. LepideAuditor for SQL Server is designed and developed to help avoiding unauthorized and unwanted changes and uphold compliances (HIPAA, PCI, SOX and ITIL etc.) through effective SQL Server tracking and alert generation on critical changes. Software provides complete details of every … Read more