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How to Better Understand Your Privileged Users in Active Directory

Thousands of companies all over the world use Lepide to help prevent data breaches.

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How to Better Understand Your Privileged Users in Active Directory

98% of threats start with your Active Directory. Users with administrative privileges in your AD literally hold the keys to your kingdom. It is vital that you understand which of your users have these elevated permissions and that you have visibility over any admin activities taking place in your AD.

In this short webinar, you will learn:

  • Why understanding privileged users in AD matters
  • How to see which of your users have administrative privileges in AD
  • How to track admin activities in AD
  • How to detect common threats to your AD security

The webinar will run for approximately 30 minutes with time at the end for Q&A.

Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy is the Head of Technical Delivery at Lepide, and he brings more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry into the development and support of Lepide Data Security Platform.

Aidan Simister

Having worked in the IT industry for a little over 22 years in various capacities, Aidan is a veteran in the field. Specifically, Aidan knows how to build global teams for security and compliance vendors, often from a standing start. After joining Lepide in 2015, Aidan has helped contribute to the accelerated growth in the US and European markets.