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How to Improve Your Data Security By Addressing the Insider Threat

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How to Improve Your Data Security By Addressing the Insider Threat

External attacks often take the headlines when it comes to data security breaches. However, year after year insider threats continue to be the most common root cause of breaches. Gearing up to detect and prevent insider threats can also help you to defend against external attacks, as advanced and targeted external attacks often share the same characteristics. Skilled attackers leverage compromised credentials act as trusted insiders with privileged access in order to breach sensitive organizational data for malicious purposes.

In this webinar, you will learn what an insider threat looks like and what to watch out for in order to speed up your detection and response. You will learn how important a Data Security Platform is for improving your security against insider threats, and how you can use a Platform to automate response.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What insider threats look like and how they happen
  • What to look for when detecting insider threats
  • How to react effectively to an insider threat in progress
  • How to prevent insider threats from re-occurring
  • Why the Lepide Data Security Platform is a vital part of your data security technology stack
Danny Murphy

Head of Technical Delivery

Phil Robinson

Head of Marketing