Identifying and Protecting PHI Within
Legacy Healthcare Systems

Wednesday, July 10, 2019
2:00 pm EST - 2:45 pm EST

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In an environment where contractors and consultants are the norm, the insider threat is perhaps more poignant than ever for healthcare security teams. But, with so many legacy systems in place, it’s difficult – at best – to identify leading and active indicators of insider threat activity. So, just how prevalent is the problem of malicious insiders, and how are legacy systems adding to the issue?

In this educational webcast, join cybersecurity expert, Nick Cavalancia, and Vito Sardanopoli, Principal at Vantage CyberRisk Partners, as they discuss some of the common challenges in healthcare security, offering practical advice as to how to help you secure your PHI more effectively (specifically against the insider threat).

  • The state of insider threats in healthcare
  • Why legacy systems are the ally of the insider threat
  • Effective ways to detect and thwart insider activity


Aidan Simsiter

CEO, Lepide

Nick Cavalancia

Microsoft MVP and Technology Expert

Vito Sardanopoli

Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Task Force Member

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