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Is "Zero Trust" the Magic Bullet for Data Security?

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Is "Zero Trust" the Magic Bullet for Data Security?

“Zero Trust” requires you to be distrustful of everything inside and outside your network and infrastructure. To operate on a “Zero Trust” model, you should be actively verifying, monitoring and reporting on what your users are doing at all times.

In this webinar, we will go through exactly what “Zero Trust” entails, why it is a useful security policy, what the pitfalls are and how it compares to other similar strategies.

This webinar will be the first in a double header that compares the “Zero Trust” model to the “Trust but Verify” model. Find out which strategy (if either) could be the magic bullet for your data security.

Aidan Simister

CEO at Lepide

Rick Wilson

VP of Strategy & Solutions at Sherpa Software