Using Lepide to Detect Threats, Protect Data, and Meet Compliance

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Welcome to an exclusive webinar that will revolutionize the way you approach cybersecurity and data protection! Join us for an insightful look into Lepide Data Security Platform, a cutting-edge solution designed to detect threats, safeguard your valuable data, and ensure compliance.

Key Highlights:

  • Detailed auditing and reporting: Explore the advanced auditing capabilities of Lepide and ask yourself why you ever thought native auditing was good enough. See how Lepide audits user behavior with sensitive data, and security states in Active Directory, all from a single platform.
  • Govern access to sensitive data: Explore how Lepide puts you in control by allowing you to govern access to sensitive data. Get all the information you need about who your privileged users are, how permissions are granted, and which permissions can be deemed excessive.
  • Detect and respond to threats: Equip yourself with the skills to detect and respond to threats in real-time using Lepide. Uncover the advanced threat detection mechanisms, including anomaly spotting, UEBA, and threat models, that enable you to identify malicious activities promptly. Dive into incident response mechanisms that empower you to neutralize threats before they escalate, fortifying your organization's cyber resilience.
  • Discover and classify sensitive data: See how Lepide gives you complete visibility over what sensitive data you have, how much of it you have, and where it is. Use this context to massively bolster your security and compliance efforts.

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to elevate your cybersecurity strategy and streamline compliance processes with Lepide. Register now to secure your spot in this transformative webinar.

Phil Robinson
Phil Robinson

Head of Marketing

Dan Goater
Dan Goater

Pre-Sales Engineer