Top 10 Ways to Avoid Privilege Abuse

IT professionals must routinely cope with a number of different security threats, but one of the most serious threats is also one of the easiest to overlook. Privilege abuse can occur when a rogue employee, typically an administrator, uses their privileges for an unauthorized purpose. Privilege abuse can also occur if a legitimate user account is compromised by someone with malicious intent. In either case, privilege abuse is a security threat that must be taken seriously. This paper discusses about following ten steps in detail that IT pros can take to mitigate the threat of privilege abuse.

  1. Determine Whether Existing Permissions Are Appropriate
  2. Look for Potential Vulnerabilities
  3. Use a System That Generates Real Time Alerts
  4. Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Reports
  5. Don’t Depend on the Windows Event Logs
  6. Take Stock of All the Areas in Which Privilege Abuse Can Occur
  7. Make Sure You Have a Way of Eliminating Noise
  8. Get the Information That You Really Need
  9. Have a Plan for Dealing with Unwanted Changes
  10. Make Sure That You Have Mobile Support

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