Why the CISO Needs to Take a Data-Centric View on Security

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CISO or Chief Information Security Officers are suffering from a major dilemma these days. With growing data breaches and excessive IT threats, the conventional approach to data protection has become ineffective. 2020 gave rise to major changes in cyber risk from targeted data breach and remote working due to COVID 19. Those breaches included attacks on some leading businesses including Twitter, Microsoft, Zoom Credential, Unacademy, Travelex, and Garmin. The Economist cited back in 2017 “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil but data.”

Many CISOs avoid taking a comprehensive data centric security approach due to the complex nature of the procedure. Many CISO's are also not aware of the operations and the flow of data in the organization. However, these reasons are not enough to avoid taking a data centric security approach. With growing threats and weakening technology, it's important to implement such an approach sooner rather than later…

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy CISO, Founder and CEO of zenosec logo

Matt Hardy is a security leader with over 20 years experience of directing international security programmes for multi-billion-pound organisations. Matt has a passion for building high-integrity information security and cybersecurity programmes and has led teams of security experts for Three Ireland, Synthomer PLC, IntelliQA, Huawei, BT, and other large organizations.