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Insider Threat Detection and Prevention

Insider threats are the unseen threat in your IT environment. Make sure you have a way
of detecting and preventing the rise of insider threats to your critical servers and data.

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Insider Threat Detection Solution

Insider threats are often harder to defend against than external ones since the majority of insider threats are completely unintentional. The best way to combat them is to adopt strict security measures and monitor your permissions and users. The Lepide Data Security Platform gives you the visibility you need to detect and react to insider threats quickly and efficiently.

Detect Insider Threats

Continuously monitor user interactions with data and spot anomalies in user behavior that could lead to breaches.

Prevent Breaches

Determine who has access to your sensitive data and how that access was applied to implement zero trust.

Respond to Incidents

Automate your incident response with script execution upon the detection of anomalous or unwanted behavior.

Detect Insider Threats in Progress Monitor user behavior in relation to your most sensitive data and spot anomalies. Be notified in real time or through pre-defined reports. We can even detect single point anomalies to give you the best possible insight into your security.

Prevent Insider Threats From Happening Analyze your current access controls to determine whether you are operating on a policy of least privilege. Spot permission changes that create potential insider threats. Spot risks to the security states of your environment.

Respond Quickly to Insider Threats Streamline your security operations by providing the visibility over breaches caused by insider threats. Integrate with SIEM to add full context to changes being made. Automate script execution upon the discovery of an insider threat to automatically shut down the threat in progress.

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How Lepide Helps with Insider Threats


See Current Threats and Get Advice on How to Respond

The Lepide Risk Assessment is a completely free, turnkey service that enables organizations to see where their current threats are and how to respond.