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Detect Threats to Data Security

Speed up your detection of potential security threats to reduce the risk of suffering a potentially disastrous data breach.


Incident Detection Solution

Prevent Data Leakage

Spot when users are copying files and folders that need to be kept internal and secure.

Spot Insider Threats

Detect anomalous user behavior to speed up reaction time to potentially malicious insiders.

Address Malware

Generate alerts in real time and automate your response when malware is detected in your systems.

Identify When Users Become Threats

Our data classification technology will allow you to classify files on a persistent basis to enable you to keep track of your most sensitive data.

With real time alerting and predefined reports, you can detect threats to this data and take the required steps to mitigate them before they manifest as data breaches.

Machine learning enables you to establish a baseline for normal user behavior and receive alerts whenever behavior deviates from this norm. Our anomaly spotting technology can even detect single point anomalies.

Detect Symptoms of Malware

Using Lepide, you can set threshold alerts to help you identify the symptoms of malware in your key data stores. For example, if you experience a large number of file renames or failed access attempts in a very short period time, our solution can notify you of a potential ransomware attack in motion.

Automated responses to these alerts can be executed to speed up response times and address threats. Using custom script execution, you can shut down users, servers and take other actions to prevent malware from spreading.

Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Pre-Defined Threat Reports

Hundreds pre-defined reports have been developed to address specific security and compliance issues.

Real Time Alerting

Address threat indicators in real time with alerts delivered to your inbox or to the Lepide App.

Data Security On the Go

Our mobile app allows you to track changes being made to your data from your mobile or wearable device.

Restore Unwanted Changes

Notice a change that may affect the security of your data? With Lepide, you can roll back these changes.

Automate Response

Prevent threats from manifesting as data breaches by automating response to key indicators.

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