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Respond to Threats

When a security incident occurs that could result in a data breach, you need to ensure you are able to respond quickly and effectively. Lepide’s data breach response capabilities allow you to do exactly that.


Incident Response Solution

Automated Threat Response

Execute custom scripts automatically upon the detection of potential threats to ensure the security of your data.

Get More Value From SIEM

Integrate Lepide Data Security Platform with your SIEM to give more context to reports and speed up investigations.

Streamline Security Operations

Enable your Security Operations team to investigate and respond to incidents quicker with Lepide.

Respond to Threats Automatically

Using our custom script execution you can automatically detect and respond to potential threats to your data security.

For example, using our ransomware threat model, the Lepide Data Security Platform can generate a real time alert upon the detection of the symptoms of a potential ransomware attack.

You can set our threat response feature to automatically shut down the affected user or server immediately upon the receipt of this alert.

Improve Incident Response

Lepide Data Security Platform can integrate with any SIEM solution to simplify your data breach response. Configure Lepide to send specific events to your SIEM and give more context to the raw audit data.

With a detailed and complete audit trail of all changes being made to your data, permissions and systems, Lepide can provide your Security Operations team with the information they need to investigate incidents faster and more efficiently.

Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Pre-Defined Threat Reports

Hundreds pre-defined reports have been developed to address specific security and compliance issues.

Real Time Alerting

Address threat indicators in real time with alerts delivered to your inbox or to the Lepide App.

Data Security On the Go

Our mobile app allows you to track changes being made to your data from your mobile or wearable device.

Restore Unwanted Changes

Notice a change that may affect the security of your data? With Lepide, you can roll back these changes.

Automate Response

Prevent threats from manifesting as data breaches by automating response to key indicators.

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