Current Permission Analysis

Current Permission analysis of File Server compares the NTFS with the Sharing permissions applied on a particular shared folder and its sub folders/files and generates the effective permission report for administrators. LepideAuditor for File Server then applies all the salient parameters to generate the permission report, making it easy to determine the actual state of the audited folder and whether permission changes are required to reduce its vulnerability.

The Current Permission Report is a comprehensive summary of all permission related information. It provides a list of all applied permissions by folder, user and group levels and whether they are direct, indirect or inherited. It also displays the folder level where permission inheritance was disabled and highlights the objects which have not been accessed from a certain period of time as stale objects.

Effective user group permissions and “Permissions by User” are also features of the report. Administrators can filter the reports as per the 13 different available permissions. These reports can be searched, filtered, sorted, and saved in PDF, MHT and CSV formats. Check this guide which explains how to configure current permission scan settings, create Data Set, scan the permissions, and to generate the current permission report in LepideAuditor.

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