Analyze Current Permissions on Shared Files and Folders

LepideAuditor for File Server enables IT teams to analyze current permissions applied to shared files and folders. It helps you ensure that only the right people have access to the right data, thus minimizing the risk of security breaches. With LepideAuditor, instantly see who has received which permission from where on a shared file or folder in your File Server.

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View Current Permissions of a Shared Folder

LepideAuditor generates reports that clearly show the current permissions of Active Directory objects on the shared files and folders of Windows File System. With numerous options available, you can get a summarized view of the different kinds of permissions very easily. Our automated solution scans the permissions of the selected shared files and folders either manually or at scheduled intervals.

Calculate the current permissions in your File Servers

LepideAuditor for File Server evaluates the current effective permissions after calculating the NTFS permissions and Share permissions. That way, you can see the exact current permission for any user on any shared file or folder. All 13 permissions are evaluated one by one, and the final current permissions applied on a selected file or folder for an Active Directory user, group or another object. Each permission is denoted with a different icon and a different color.

Analyze inherited permissions on shared files and folders

Our File Server change auditing solution has dedicated features to analyze the inherited permissions applied on shared files and folders. You can view the inherited permissions report and sort it by users in a different tab. In the section where the list of sub-folders and files of the selected folder are displayed, a red icon will denote where the inherited permissions broke. Our solution also provides a dedicated screen to view the group memberships for a user who has inherited permissions on the selected file or folder.

Identify and Monitor Stale Objects

Stale objects in the File Server are actually unused files and folders. It is necessary to monitor these objects to prevent insiders from misusing them. Some files or folders are not meant to be used for long, as they store critical business information. Using can mean data loss. Lepide File Server Auditor shows which objects are stale at any one time. Its can reveal any change made to stale files and folders and can send you real-time alerts.

Investigate permission changes with ease

After viewing the current permissions of a selected file or folder, you can investigate how the permissions to this file or folder have been applied and what changes have been made. The investigation opens in a separate and dedicated window, where you can apply the filters and check the permission changes for other objects in the hierarchy.

Permission Reports

In the Current Permissions report, you have three levels of filtration to gather the required data. Filters can be applied to folders and types of files in File Server. After generating the report, you can further filter the content (sub-folders and files) of the selected folder to see which permissions you want to see. The third level further enhances the detail of the report by filtering as per any account; helping you determine direct permissions, indirect permissions and inherited permissions. You can switch to the “Permissions by User” tab to view reports sorted by users. All these reports can be saved in multiple formats like PDF, MHT and CSV.

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