Lepide Introduces Universal Auditing and Data Classification for Exchange

Today, Data Security solutions provider, Lepide, introduced their Universal Auditing piece into LepideAuditor 19.3 to help widen the range of covered platforms. Universal Auditing allows Lepide to connect to and support any platform with an accessible log source through its API. This release makes Lepide the best-in-class when it comes to providing on-premise and cloud auditing solutions.

The Universal Auditing piece in LepideAuditor 19.3 will enable users to do the following:

  • Outside of the predefined supported platforms, LepideAuditor can now be configured to monitor any cloud platform (such as Box, IBM, Rackspace and more).
  • Out of the box templates are provided to get users started with proprietary storage/infrastructure (such as Box, Coda, Egnyte, Launchdarkly and OpenDrive).
  • Improve and simplify auditing through an easy to use interface, customizable configuration options for predefined authentication types and common request types for the broadest reach of cloud platforms in the industry.
  • New templates to commonly used/requested platforms will be added in every future release.
  • Full free support is provided to users to help get up and running with the required platforms.

In addition to the Universal Auditing piece, Lepide also introduced the ability to discover and classify sensitive data (including OCR) in Exchange Server mailboxes and analyze permissions on SharePoint (both online and on-premise).