Lepide launches the new and improved LepideAuditor Suite 16.4

Today, Lepide launched the new version of its award winning auditing solution with multiple new reports and improved features. LepideAuditor Suite 16.4 now includes “Event Log Clear” and “Concurrent Logons” reports to give more visibility into user activity. “Event Log Clear” shows when security logs are cleared and “Concurrent Logons” displays when a user logs on to multiple computers simultaneously. “Connection Timeout” and “Query Timeout” settings have been added to the Database Settings of “Current Permission Scan” Settings.

In addition to minor bug fixes, the speed of scanning Current Permissions and generating reports has been increased. For improved performance, only the active tab in the “Radar” generates graph reports. You can also now specify the length of time required before the “Radar” tab refreshes.

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