LepideAuditor for Exchange Server

LepideAuditor for Exchange Server stands out as the complete change and access auditing solution for the Exchange Servers. The real-time alerts, LiveFeed updates, predefined auditing reports, and long-term storage of logs lets the organization comply with the compliances such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, etc.

Any unauthorized or unplanned change in Exchange configuration can create security threats, causes downtimes, unauthorized intrusion in your email environment, and potential harm to the business communication. In addition, non-compliance with security standards like HIPAA, SOX, PCI and GLBA can lead to monetary and/or legal penalties.

LepideAuditor for Exchange Server (LAES) is an absolute yet robust Change Auditing solution to safeguard Exchange environment against any unauthorized or unwanted occurrences, which may hamper the business continuity by causing security threats and downtime, and may risk important business communication data. LAES inherit the features and benefits of LepideAuditor Suite being it’s a component.

With more controlling power, the administrators can now keep a track of all configuration changes made to the Exchange Server. LAES will keep you informed of all changes such as Mailbox Changes, Policy Changes, Address Book/List changes and much more. Via in-depth tracking details and instant alerts, it will help you adhere to the compliances by fulfilling all the industry specific requirements. The program is perfect to notify the Admin of any critical or undesired changes made to the Exchange environment before their repercussions worsen the situation.

Benefits of using LepideAuditor for Exchange Server
  • Protect Microsoft Exchange Server:
    Protect the precious Microsoft Exchange Server from undesirable and unplanned configuration changes done by any user, non-owner, administrator, power user, or delegate. Exchange Server Admins can avoid downtime and increase productivity with this easy-to-use, sophisticated, and prominent tool.
Features of LepideAuditor for Exchange Server
  • Centralized Solution One centralized place to track and audit mailboxes, public folders, stores, groups, address books, distribution lists, permissions, and Exchange Servers in your domains. You can easily add multiple Exchange Servers from different domains at a centralized place for their change auditing. All the entries will be stored in a centralized database. In addition, software has separate dashboard for displaying the summarized data for each domain.
  • Mailbox Access AuditingYou can now generate different kind of reports for auditing the mailbox accesses. The newly added auditing reports are: Owner Mailbox Access, Non-Owner Mailbox Access, Administrator Mailbox Access, and Delegated User Mailbox Access.
  • Auto-Enable AuditingThe software can now enable the Administrator and Delegate user auditing automatically on the selected mailboxes. You can manually input the mailboxes, import from a TXT file, or even select all the mailboxes at once.
Free Trial Version

LepideAuditor for Exchange Server is available as a component of LepideAuditor Suite. The latter’s trial version is free for 15 days, which let you observe the complete features of the software package.