LepideAuditor Suite - Exchange Server

Safeguard your business communication and ensure compliance so that intruders don't stand a chance

Exchange Server Auditor – a component of LepideAuditor is a real-time audit and track option to manage smooth uninterrupted flow of Exchange communication. The software highlights any found changes in Exchange configurations making it easy to discover and quickly control critical unwanted changes. With mailbox access auditing, non-owner mailbox auditing, permission details and more know which changes are made from where, by whom and when.

Software Features
Exchange Audit Solution
  • One centralized place to track and audit mailboxes, stores, groups, address books, distribution lists, permissions, and Exchange Servers in your domains
  • Add multiple Exchange Servers from different domains at a centralized place for their change auditing
  • All log entries stored in a centralized database for long term archiving of records
Security & Compliance
  • Protect Microsoft Exchange Server from undesirable and unplanned configuration changes done by any user, non-owner, administrator, or delegate
  • Meet external compliance standards such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, and GLBA etc
Mailbox Auditing
  • Configure auditing of non-owner Exchange Mailboxes to know what is being accessed by whom and on behalf of whom
  • Choose which mailbox parameters to audit and whom to audit from 'Audit Delegate', 'Audit Admin' and 'Audit Owner'
Access Auditing
  • Get mailbox access reports such as Owner Mailbox Access, Non-Owner Mailbox Access, Administrator Mailbox Access, and Delegated User Mailbox Access
  • Track all configuration changes and uphold security before their consequences worsen the situation
Health Monitoring
  • View the live Health Status of Exchange Server
  • Get real-time alerts for any change in the health status of Exchange Server
  • Keep a continuous check on CPU usage, free disk space, mailbox database size, and status of services
Software Highlights
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Customized Multiple Dashboards: Six reports, per Dashboard; keep adding more dashboards on the go (Get all important highlights in graphical formats).

LiveFeed Alerts: Real-time alerts right on your screen through LiveFeed or in your inbox through traditional email alerts. Get to know about every change and access detail effortlessly.

Non-Owner Mailbox Auditing: LepideAuditor Suite has a separate dedicated section to the auditing of non-owner users’ accesses and changes to mailboxes.

Health Monitoring: Health Monitoring lets the administrator to view the live status of the Exchange Server environment. Get real-time alerts through email regarding the health status of Exchange.

Free Download

Exchange Server Auditor is provided as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. You can download and use the free trial for a limited period. You can contact our Sales Team at sales@lepide.com to get the trial license. The trial version will be fully featured without any limitations. For long-term auditing of only Exchange parameters, you can purchase selective license for this particular component or avail license for complete LepideAuditor.


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MVP Reviews
  • As a manager of highly critical environment that so many system admins works at. Its higly important to monitor Active Directory and Exchange.Thanks to Lepide Software for providing it. Hakan Uzuner
  • Always in a tool of this kind, it is important that audit monitoring one can get and more when you can observe from a Dashboard, monitoring in LepideAuditor for Active Directory are very detailed, automatically updating. it is very advantageous for a company that wishes to implement. Leonardo Ponti
  • LepideAuditor for Active Directory performed flawlessly during my testing. The product met or exceeded my expectations in every way with the exception that the documentation could be improved so. Mitch Tulloch
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