LepideAuditor Suite – Exchange Server

What You Get with LepideAuditor – Exchange
Centralized Change Tracking
Monitor Changes to All of Exchange

Changes to your Exchange environment can impact an entire company’s ability to operate. So it’s important to have visibility into changes effecting Exchange, regardless of whether the changes are made in Active Directory (including the Exchange organization), or are realted to mailbox access on the Exchange server itself. LepideAuditor centrally tracks every change, ensuring you can be made aware of anything that may cause a decrease in user productivity or email security.

Key Features
  • Centrally track Exchange-related changes to both Active Directory objects like Mailboxes, Contacts, and Distribution Lists, as well as Exchange-specific objects like Policies, Storage Groups, Mailbox Databases, and more
  • Selectively audit changes in Exchange based on object classes in AD
  • Every change entry includes Who, What, When, Where, and From details
Know exactly who is accessing email

Mailboxes can be accessible to their owner, delegates, and even the administrator. Many aspects of your business - HR, Legal, Compliance, and Security – all require knowing when someone accesses a mailbox. LepideAuditor monitors access to mailboxes, so you can know who has been accessing which mailboxes. Read more...

Key Features
  • Configure who should be audited – choose from Owners, Non-Owners, Delegates, and Administrators
  • Run reports on specific mailboxes, or specific users to quickly identify who is accessing mailboxes in your organization
Change Trend Dashboards
Get a 10,000 foot view of changes to Exchange

You don’t always know what changes need your attention. So, you need a trending view of who’s making changes and what’s changing. LepideAuditor’s 12 Exchange-focused dashboards and a LiveFeed showing every change in real-time help you quickly spot irregularities in the management of your Exchange Environment.

Key Features
  • Turnkey dashboards trend changes to the state of Exchange
  • Identify top users, and change trends quickly
  • View changes in real-time with LepidAuditor’s LiveFeed
Turnkey Exchange Reporting
Account for every change in Exchange

With over 41 turnkey reports, LepideAuditor makes finding what has changed in your Exchange environment a simple task. Reports based on action and object changed help quickly determine the cause of issues. Custom reports can be built quickly with LepideAuditor to tighten the focus of your auditing.

Key Features
  • Reports are intuitively organized so you can find the answers you need quickly.
  • Reporting detail includes who made the change, what was changed, when and from where, including before and after values
  • On-demand and scheduled reports are supported so can find the information you need when necessary
  • Multiple views provide visibility by showing changes in a report grid, and over time as both a graph or a calendar
Real-Time Alerting
When Exchange changes, you need to know

Because a single change can completely cripple Exchange, you need to know what’s changing in Exchange in real-time. Using LepideAuditor’s built-in reporting and adding alert-specific filtering, alerts can be quickly and easily configured to send you notifications when changes are made or mailbox access is attempted.

Key Features
  • Build an alert in minutes using built-in reports
  • Filter alerts to specific users, actions, or objects
  • Alerts utilize email, ensuring you notifications are timely
Bring Exchange Health to the Forefront

LepideAuditor includes turnkey dashboards that quickly allow you to determine just how well Exchange is running. By displaying resource utilization, Exchange service status, Mailbox database size details, Message Queues, and more, knowing if “everything’s great” or “something’s not right” is easy. Built-in alerts keep you informed if something is wrong, so your focus can stay on more strategic efforts. Read more...

Key Features
  • See the state of each Exchange server to gauge the health of the organization
  • Informative dashboards help you quickly identify issues
  • Customizable thresholds-based alerts let you know when Exchange is no longer meeting your standards
Free Download

Exchange Server Auditor is provided as a part of LepideAuditor Suite. You can download and use the free trial for a limited period. You can contact our Sales Team at sales@lepide.com to get the trial license. The trial version will be fully featured without any limitations. For long-term auditing of only Exchange parameters, you can purchase selective license for this particular component or avail license for complete LepideAuditor.

MVP Reviews
  • As a manager of highly critical environment that so many system admins works at. Its higly important to monitor Active Directory and Exchange.Thanks to Lepide Software for providing it. Hakan Uzuner
  • Always in a tool of this kind, it is important that audit monitoring one can get and more when you can observe from a Dashboard, monitoring in LepideAuditor for Active Directory are very detailed, automatically updating. it is very advantageous for a company that wishes to implement. Leonardo Ponti
  • LepideAuditor for Active Directory performed flawlessly during my testing. The product met or exceeded my expectations in every way with the exception that the documentation could be improved so. Mitch Tulloch
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