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Real time Active Directory Change Tracking and Monitoring

Given how important Active Directory is to the modern IT team, we believe organizations should have a solution that offers continuous change tracking, in-depth auditing and real time alerts whenever things are changed. LepideAuditor provides you with granular reports that enable you to keep track of all Active Directory changes as they happen; delivering powerful real-time alerts based on single events or threshold conditions. The threshold-alerting feature enables you to create alerts based on a condition of a group of events being met over a given time-period. For example, you can specify alerts to be created if an account has been locked X times over Y period of time. This feature is particularly useful when trying to identify anomalous changes or event trends. Being able to determine these things can help when it comes to identifying potential security issues such as DDOS attacks or account based security breaches.

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How We Track Active Directory Changes

Centralized Auditing

LepideAuditor for Active Directory auditing allows to audit multiple domains from a single centralized console. The layout of the intuitive dashboard enables all users to perform the in-depth change monitoring of Active Directory and Group Policy Objects, regardless of their technical ability. The same console can be used to audit multiple server systems, including Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and File Server.

Track User Management Changes

Occasionally users may be given special administrative privileges and suddenly the deletion of multiple objects were detected, and it has to be found whether the same users are involved into this or not. Lepide Active Directory Auditor allows you to track how and when administrative privileges have been granted by monitoring changes made to the permissions and properties of users. The solution sends password expiry notifications at different intervals to the users. We also enable administrators to better deal with obsolete user and computer accounts.

Real-time Alerts

Our solution send real-time alerts for critical changes being made in numerous ways; including emails to selected recipients, updates to LiveFeed widget or push notifications to the LepideAuditor App. These instant alerts allow the Administrator to take action as soon as issues arise. The threshold features also allow administrators to receive a single alert when the same activity or operation is conducted numerous times within a defined time period. This is particularly useful when attempting to deal with mass accesses or mass changes.

Detailed Reports

Our solution includes numerous predefined Active Directory audit reports in three different categories – Modification Reports for detailed change auditing, Security Reports for monitoring critical IT systems, and State Reports to view the state of objects at any point of time.

In addition to these reports, we offer pre-defined dedicated reports to help you meet any manner of compliance challenges, including HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SOX, SAS and PCI.

Modification, Security and Compliance Reports can all be scheduled to be delivered to selected recipients through email and can be shared with other users through a secure Web-based Console. Administrators can also create custom reports in order to focus in on specific objects or operations.

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