Active Directory Change Auditing

The most comprehensive way of monitoring Active Directory changes in real time.

Real-time Active Directory Change Monitoring and Alerting

Given how important Active Directory is to the modern IT team we think organizations should have a solution that offers continuous auditing and real time alerts when things are changed. LepideAuditor provides you with granular reports keeping track of all Active Directory changes as they happen, delivering powerful real time alerts based on single events or threshold conditions. The threshold alerting feature enables alert creation based on a condition of a group of events being met over a given time period. For example, you can specify alert creation if an account has been locked X times over Y specified period. This feature is particularly useful when trying to identify anomalies in change or event trends, which can help in identifying security issues such as potential DDOS attacks or account based security breaches.

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Track long term AD change data for compliance mandates such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and ISO

  • Single console, multiple domains: Track all the domains in your network from one centralized platform. Track remote domains efficiently and quickly.
  • Detailed ad-hoc reports:  Drill down through the alert into need-based reports for AD changes effected in specified time period. Track structural changes in AD through snapshot reporting.
  • Helps track user management changes: Track all changes made to User objects along with User logon/logoff and Account locked/unlocked actions through extensive User related reports.
  • Real time alerts: Set real-time alerts for critical changes. Get alerts straight to your inbox for all critical Active Directory changes to reduce detection time.
  • LiveFeed:  This solution provides a live feed of critical changes made within the Active Directory. These feeds are updated continuously and are displayed on the Dashboard.
  • Scheduled reports: Track all day-to-day changes with scheduled periodic reports. Deliver AD change reports to required person outside AD environment.
  • Historical change tracking: Track long term AD change data for Compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI and ISO


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