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We wanted to give something back to the IT community, so we created the freeware version of our award-winning LepideAuditor. It’s designed specifically to help IT departments get a basic, high-level overview of changes being made within the IT environment. Our aim in creating this was to provide the essential information you need to get additional visibility over exactly what’s happening in your IT environment. Unlike the Enterprise edition of LepideAuditor, there are no restrictions on the duration of the licence. Once installed, it’s yours, for free, forever.

Key features of LepideAuditor Freeware Edition

In depth auditing of Active Directory, Group Policy and Exchange Server (more platforms available in Enterprise edition)

Consolidated audit reports available for these platforms to help give you an overview of changes being made

Use our 360-View Radar to help get an overview of the changes made to your critical systems

Run multiple instances of LepideAuditor at the same time and search for specific reports in the Reports Tree

Key freeware limitations

Active Directory & Group Policy
Exchange Server
Non Owner Mailbox
SQL Server
SharePoint Server
File Server
Console Configuration
360 View Radar
Schedule Email Delivery of Reports
Custom Reports
Saving of Reports on Disk
Add Reports to Favorite List
Granular Reports * Only Consolidated Report
Email Alerts
LiveFeed Alerts
Threshold Alerts
Alerts on Mobile
Backup and Restore AD/GP Objects
Password Expiration Reminder
Active Directory Cleanup
Mobile App
Explore backup
Search Specific Reports in the Reports Tree
Retention of Alert and Scheduled Reports
Archive Records
Import from Archive
Multiple Instances of the Solution at a time
Health Monitoring

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