Lepide Data Security Platform 24.0.1 Deepens Data Security for Microsoft 365 Components

Austin, TX, May 6 2024 – Lepide is thrilled to announce the release of version 24.0.1 of its acclaimed Lepide Data Security Platform (LDSP). This latest update introduces a host of new features and reports aimed at empowering organizations with enhanced visibility and control over their data security landscape.

Here are some of the highlights of the new features and reports included in LDSP 24.0.1:

  • Azure AD State Reports: LDSP now offers 27 predefined Azure AD State reports accessible from both the Auditor and Trust sections, providing comprehensive insights into Azure Active Directory activities.
  • Active Directory On-Premise State Reports: Users can now access Active Directory on-premise state reports directly from the Web Console under the Trust section, streamlining the monitoring process.
  • Enhanced Alerts for Data Discovery and Classification Scan Status: Real-time alerts ensure users stay informed about scan status changes during Data Discovery and Classification scans, enabling prompt action when necessary.
  • Expanded Predefined Reports in the Web Console: LDSP now includes additional predefined reports such as ‘No Logon in Last N Days,’ ‘Open AWS S3 Buckets,’ ‘Users Whose Password Never Expires,’ ‘Users with Change Password At Next Logon,’ and ‘User/Computer Status Changes’ in the Web Console for improved visibility and analysis.
  • Account Lockout Reporting: The release introduces Account Lockout examination reports for the web console, providing clear insights into all five sources of account lockout, including COM Objects, Logon Sessions, Mapped Network Drives, Schedule Tasks, and Services.
  • Expanding Stale Data Reporting to SharePoint Online: LDSP now extends its stale data reporting capabilities to include SharePoint Online, empowering users with comprehensive insights into stale data within their SharePoint Online environment.
  • Improved User Interface of Charts in Web Console: Significant enhancements to the user interface of charts in the Web Console, including zooming functionality and revamped presentation of legends, offer users a more intuitive and seamless experience for data analysis.

In addition to these feature enhancements, LDSP 24.0.1 includes bug fixes and improvements to ensure a smoother experience for users across both the Main and Web Console interfaces.

“We are excited to introduce these new features and reports in LDSP 24.0.1, including enhanced Azure AD State Reports and expanded stale data reporting to SharePoint Online,” said Philip Robinson, CMO at Lepide. “These updates underscore our commitment to providing customers with robust data security solutions that offer comprehensive insights and actionable intelligence. With improved visibility into Azure Active Directory activities and comprehensive insights into stale data within SharePoint Online environments, organizations can proactively safeguard their sensitive data assets and mitigate security risks effectively.”

For more information about Lepide Data Security Platform 24.0.1, visit https://www.lepide.com/.

About Lepide: Lepide is an innovator in data protection and access governance (DAG), offering a comprehensive platform that combines identity and data security. With powerful monitoring, analysis, and real-time threat detection capabilities, Lepide enables organizations to take control of their data and proactively protect sensitive information from unauthorized access, reducing the attack surface and ensuring compliance with various data protection regulations.

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