Lepide and Liverton Join Forces to Enhance Data Loss Prevention Across Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

Lepide and Liverton Security have teamed up to bolster your data loss prevention efforts in Microsoft Exchange and Outlook, with advanced visibility over permissions, user behavior, and threats to employee communication.

AUSTIN, TX, APR 30, 2024 – Complete security and protection for Microsoft Exchange and Outlook is now a reality, with Lepide and Liverton Security. This powerful integration introduces a robust defense mechanism, safeguarding organizations from potential threats and ensuring the integrity of their communication infrastructure.

The Lepide Data Security Platform, renowned for its advanced data protection and data governance capabilities, provides granular visibility into every aspect of the Exchange environment. This includes mailbox access, permissions changes, and configuration alterations. By detecting anomalies before they can cause harm, Lepide’s solution acts as a vigilant guardian, maintaining the health and security of the Exchange infrastructure.

Complementing this, Liverton Security’s MailAdviser adds an extra layer of defense, functioning as a personal bodyguard for outgoing emails. It employs cutting-edge technology to scan messages for sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, and flags potential phishing attempts. With Liverton Security, the risk of accidental data leaks and embarrassing misdirected emails becomes a thing of the past.

Together, Lepide and Liverton Security offer an unbeatable combination for comprehensive Microsoft Exchange security. A fortress around your email system; keeping your data safe and your communications secure.

“Email security is paramount in today’s digital landscape, and our collaboration with Liverton Security represents a significant leap forward in providing organizations with a holistic solution for Microsoft Exchange security,” says Aidan Simister, Lepide CEO. “The extra layer of defense that Liverton Security’s MailAdviser will add to our already powerful data protection and data governance solution will give our customers absolute peace of mind that their employee communications are safeguarded against mistakes and data loss. Couple that with Lepide’s unrivaled visibility over access rights, permission changes, mailbox activity, and mailbox access (including by non-owners), and you can be confident that your Exchange environment is protected from both the inside and the endpoint.”

This innovative integration is set to redefine the landscape of Microsoft Exchange security, offering organizations a proactive and comprehensive approach to safeguarding their communication infrastructure. Protect sensitive data, prevent data loss, ensure compliance with industry standards, and stop threats in their tracks with Lepide and Liverton Security.

About Lepide

Lepide Data Security Platform provides an effective way of seeing who, what, where and when changes are made to your on-premises and cloud-based Exchange environment. Analyze your permissions, monitor non-owner mailbox access, and track mailbox activity to improve your zero trust and data protection efforts. Real time alerts for suspicious changes and hundreds of pre-defined reports give you the insight you need to make faster decisions to protect your data, detect threats, and streamline compliance.

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About Liverton

Liverton Security MailAdviser is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that helps prevent emails and attachments from being sent to the wrong recipient. It also helps protect against data loss and phishing. MailAdviser can scan emails for keywords or patterns, such as credit card numbers, to help identify sensitive information. It can also be used to classify emails and deny-list malicious email addresses. Protect your brand and reputation with MailAdviser.

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