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Lepide Software has announced the release of the new version of its document migration solution – LepideMigrator for Documents 16.1. In version 16.1, few new features have been added for File Servers to Google Drive migration. Users will now be able to migrate file attributes (File Name, Description and Modified At) and even change them if required. Users will be able to ignore file path if they want to migrate … Read more

Lepide Software has announced the release of the new version of its flagship Exchange Server recovery solution – Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager. In version 16.0, users will get the option of enabling the ‘Ask for EDB version’ feature. If this checkbox is selected under settings, when adding an EDB in the source users will be able to specify the Exchange Server version of the EDB file that they are going … Read more

LepideAuditor Suite 16.2 features the Permission Analysis for Active Directory and Exchange Server. It displays the historical changes in the permissions of objects and lets you compare the permissions between two time intervals. The records of Permission Analysis will now be archived once the archiving of main database is initiated. Both Permission History and Compare Permission reports can now be saved on disk in MHT, CSV, and PDF formats. A … Read more

Lepide Software has launched LepideMigrator for Exchange v16.1. In this new release users will be able to migrate the on-premise Exchange and Office 365’s mailboxes to their hosted Exchange environments. It also provides the option of migrating folders’ permissions from the source Exchange Server to the destination Exchange Server. The new version also includes the feature to migrate the on premise Exchange Servers’ limits and permissions to Office 365. Please … Read more

Lepide Software has today released version 16.0 of LepideMigrator for Documents. In the new version, users will be able to migrate from a file server to Google Drive. This solution provides two options of migration: Web authentication migration Service account authentication migration Using the first option you can migrate to a personal account of a user, while the second option lets you migrate to all or selected accounts of a … Read more

File Server Auditor is now part of LepideAuditor Suite while Permission Analysis, which records and displays the historical changes in the permissions of files and folders on the File Server, has also been added. It allows you to compare the permissions between two time intervals. With an improvement in the user interface of the software, report filters have also been enhanced. Multiple conditions with any or all options can be … Read more

Lepide Software has launched an updated version of its self-service reset solution. The new version now comes with various important changes to further enhance the user experience. Active Directory users will now be internally authenticated through their GUID rather than username which rules out previous enrollment issues. Dual account and dual login issues during remote desktop connections have been resolved and the Reset Password/Unlock Account link problem has also been … Read more

LepideMigrator for Exchange 16.0 makes Exchange migration even smoother with the addition of new features and enhancements. In the Profile Manager wizard, there is now an option to provide Exchange Proxy settings manually in case you want to change the default option. When creating pre-migration analysis and migration job, you can also now choose use an existing online Outlook profile. This makes connectivity faster as otherwise the application has to … Read more

Lepide Software alleviates the burden of compliance with LepideAuditor Suite 16.0. This complete new upgrade includes inbuilt Compliance Reports to show how your server components are satisfying the compliance demands of FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SAS, and SOX. In addition to its existing 270+ auditing reports, 70+ predefined compliance reports are added for this purpose. These reports can be scheduled to be delivered via email to the required recipients … Read more