LepideAuditor Suite 16.3 now comes with File Server Current Permission reporting

Lepide today introduced version 16.3 of LepideAuditor Suite with File Server Current Permission Reporting. This new feature shows the effective current permissions of the Shared Folders and its files and sub-folders.

The solution now offers Non-Owner Mailbox Access auditing along with general auditing support for Exchange Server 2016. The new version also audits SQL Server 2016.

Custom Reports have also been introduced as a part of File Server Modification Reports. The storage and retention settings of the event logs at the domain controllers can now be changed from the settings console itself.

LepideAuditor Suite now offers “User Profile” reports for SharePoint and “All Modifications in Exchange Server Permissions” for Exchange Server. Group Policy Container Classes have also been included, in order to allow the Administrator to focus on the auditing of this class only

Case sensitive support has been added for the databases and SQL Server, where the auditing logs are being stored. When adding a new email account, SMTP authentication is now optional.

The default “Lepide Server” has been removed from “App Server Settings.” It is necessary for the Administrator to install the LepideAuditor App Server on a computer in their network and provide its public IP Address in “App Server Settings” in “Message Delivery Settings” in the solution and in the settings of LepideAuditor App for Apple/Android.

LepideAuditor Suite (Web Console), File Server Auditing, and SharePoint Auditing have all been streamlined. The structure of the database, where the auditing logs are stored, has been enhanced. Log collection for domain auditing by the agents has been accelerated. Minor bug fixes also give more stability to the solution.

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