LepideMigrator for Exchange 17.0 provides higher quality and faster migrations

March 2, 2017, Product Update

Lepide today announced the launch of LepideMigrator for Exchange 17.0 – the latest version of their Exchange/Office365 migration solution. The latest version features an enhanced architecture that helps to speed up and simplify migrations between different instances of Exchange Server and Office 365. 17.0 also features several powerful new functions, including:

  • Multi-language support for Mailbox Configuration Jobs
  • Automatic restart of Mailbox Migration or Mailbox Synchronization Jobs when they are stopped due to a network error
  • The option to migrate up to 100 Public Folders at once instead of just 30
  • During migrations from Exchange Server or Office 365 to Office 365, the value of the LegacyExchangeDN attribute is migrated as X500 and a proxy of its previous value is created in Office 365. This allows the solution to resolve the SMTP addresses when sending emails or replying to previously received emails.

It is important to note that all types of migrations and other jobs which were created in the previous versions will not work in the 17.0. You have to manually recreate these jobs after upgrading the solution.

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