Disk Space Requirement Forecasting
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Disk Space Forecasting

Analyze current growth pattern and forecast future size of selected Databases, Instances, Tables, and Indexes and get prepared with sufficient space before the disk runs out of space.

Forecasting disk space growth is important for desired server and database performance and effective storage management. Administrators need a robust and reliable system to foresee the disk requirement in future to plan ahead. Lepide SQL Storage Manager provides the advanced functionalities to analyze and forecast growth trend and future requirements.

Keeping a check on disk space growth and forecasting future requirements become necessary because of a number of reasons:

  • Administrators need to communicate well in advance the disk space requirements to secure funds in IT budget.
  • Analyzing disk growth on daily basis is important for production environments where huge bulk of data is getting added on daily basis.
  • Slight delay in arranging for sufficient backup infrastructure may throw the system haywire as you cannot keep piling up the live database.
  • Forecasting for Data and Logs size is required separately, as you timely need to truncate growing logs and arrange disk space for growing data.

Forecast Disk Space growth accurately and in timely manner using Lepide SQL Storage Manager

  • Graphical report on instance growth and forecasted values for various drives. Forecasted values for individual drives are also available.
  • Display per day instance growth on disk in percentage and in MB to get an idea how fast your disk space is getting utilized.
  • Get forecasted value of date and time when your disks might run out of space.
  • View list of disks that may run out of space in next sixty days.
  • Define minimum days that you need to arrange for storage before disk run out of space and get notified before that. Study growth pattern and forecast future size of selected Databases, Instance, Tables, and Indexes.


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