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SQL Server Job Scheduling

Schedule jobs and get the required action i.e. Database Shrinking, Defragmentation and Sliding Window Partitioning done at the specified time. Also get notification on successful completion of jobs.

Lepide SQL Storage Manager provides that all-inclusive platform which helps the administrator to perform various functions without using SQL Management Studio. The best part is that most of these SQL storage and performance management functions can be scheduled and performed automatically at the specified time.

SQL server performance and Storage Management functions that can be scheduled and automated with Lepide SQL Storage Manager are as follows:

Database Shrinking

Schedule Instance, Database, File Groups and Files shrinking jobs to run at convenient time periodically and get notification on completion of the jobs with their status. Database shrinking allows you to get more physical space out of the same storage area.


Automate defragmentation process by defining fragmentation thresholds and scheduling fragmentation alerts to run on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Sliding Window Partitioning

Lepide SQL Storage Manager allows you to manage partitions more effectively by automating partition creation process. Schedule Jobs to automatically archive aged partitions.

SQL server administrators can realize a number of benefits using job scheduling feature of Lepide SQL Storage Manager:

  • Schedule Jobs to run at any time of the day once or periodically in your absence. Save time in running periodic jobs.
  • Manage SQL server jobs smartly by minimizing the amount of manual labor.
  • By scheduling fragmentation alerts, Admins can run the defragmentation process only when it is required saving system resources.


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