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Office 365 is the backbone of operations and communications in many organizations across the world. Many depend on it for their communications, data storage and data sharing requirements. Unauthorized configuration changes can potentially prevent Office 365 users from performing business critical tasks, such as using documents on SharePoint Online or sending emails through Exchange Online. Disruptions like these can result in severe financial losses. To help prevent this from happening, LepideAuditor enables you to audit Office 365 (Exchange Online and SharePoint Online) to give you full visibility on changes taking place. LepideAuditor is easy to use, scalable and allows you to overcome all manner of security, operations and compliance challenges – all from a single console.

View all changes from an easy-to-use GUI

Our graphical dashboard is the perfect place to summarise the changes taking place in Office 365 (Exchange Online). From this easy-to-use, intuitive interface you can see a summary of all changes made, your most active admins, modification trends, deletion trends and more. Having these changes in one place allows you to get instant visibility into any unwanted change trends or anomalies, as well as helping you to improve server performance through consistent health tracking. You can also get more in-depth into Exchange Online changes taking place via our LiveFeed, which displays the changes as they happen.

Dedicated predefined reports to help you audit Office 365 and meet compliances

LepideAuditor enables you to audit every change in the configuration of Exchange Online; including changes to mailboxes, eDiscovery, Remote domain lists, Unified Messaging and policies. These changes are displayed in 39 different predefined reports, which can be drilled-down and filtered to extract the vital data. Reports are also available to help you meet various compliances; including PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, SOX and GDPR. These reports can be saved as CSV, PDF or MHT files on the disk drive.

Generate real-time or threshold alerts for any scenario

As soon as a critical change is detected, LepideAuditor sends real-time alerts via email or as push-notifications to LepideAuditor App (available for both Android and Apple devices). You can also configure the solution to send threshold based alerts whenever a change is repeated a certain number of times in a predefined interval.

Track Office 365 (Exchange Online) changes on your mobile device

The LepideAuditor App is available for any Android or Apple device. Once the App is installed on your mobile device, simply configure the LepideAuditor console and you will start receiving alerts for critical changes as push notifications. Read more

Audit Exchange online permission changes

Analyze permission changes in Exchange Online

LepideAuditor monitors every change being made in the permissions of Exchange Online. When these changes are detected, alerts can be sent in real-time via emails to selected recipients or push-notifications to the LepideAuditor App. Continuous permission monitoring allows administrators to take corrective measures whenever unwanted access privileges or administrative rights are granted to any user.

Granular audit of Exchange online (Office 365) changes

Organize raw logs into easy-to-understand reports

LepideAuditor processes raw logs and displays the important information in an easy-to-read report. One record, with answers to the “who, what, when and where” questions, is displayed for a single change. Before and after values for every change are also displayed in order to give you context. All changes can be analyzed from both text-based reports and graphs.

Share Exchange Online change audit reports

Share audit reports with selected recipients

Predefined reports can be delivered at periodic intervals through email or saved as a PDF, CSV or MHT file at a shared location. Once saved, users can be notified through email.

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