Office 365 Auditing Solution

Office 365 is the backbone of operations and communications in many organizations across the world. Many depend on it for their communications, data storage and data sharing requirements. Unauthorized configuration changes can potentially prevent Office 365 users from performing business critical tasks, such as using documents on SharePoint Online or sending emails through Exchange Online. Disruptions like these can result in severe financial losses. To help prevent this from happening, LepideAuditor enables you to audit Office 365 to give you full visibility on changes taking place. LepideAuditor is easy to use, scalable and allows you to overcome all manner of security, operations and compliance challenges – all from a single console.

Over 5,000 Organizations Use LepideAuditor to Protect Their Businesses Against Data Breaches

Audit Configuration and Permission Changes in Exchange Online

Through numerous predefined reports and real time alert capabilities, you can audit every change in the configuration of Exchange Online, including changes to mailboxes, eDiscovery, Remote domain lists, Unified Messaging and policies. These reports are tailored to suit numerous compliance mandates, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA and more. You can also monitor all changes being made to permissions to ensure that no unwanted access privileges or administrative rights are granted unknowingly.

Audit and Monitor Changes in SharePoint Online

As crucial data is stored and shared in SharePoint Online, it's important that you are able to audit any changes that take place to configurations or permissions. From an intuitive dashboard, you will be able to see all user activities in this cloud platform, including changes to objects, permissions, groups and more. This information is provided through continuous updates in the LiveFeed and via real time alerts delivered to your inbox.

Improve the Security of Azure AD

LepideAuditor enables you to audit, monitor and alert on any changes to Privileged Users/Groups as well as configurations to help you improve the security of this cloud-based directory and identity management service. We can help you meet all manner of compliance requirements and enable security controls by providing a full audit trail of every user authentication.

Insight into Changes Being Made to OneDrive for Business

Unlike SharePoint Online, content stored on OneDrive for Business should not often be shared as it is usually business-critical. LepideAuditor enables you to improve the security of this cloud-storage platform by tracking changes to files and folders, security groups and configurations. This will enable you to get better insight into any unwanted changes taking place surrounding your most sensitive data.

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