Auditor Suite 16.2 launched with Active Directory and Exchange Server Permission Analysis

LepideAuditor Suite 16.2 features the Permission Analysis for Active Directory and Exchange Server. It displays the historical changes in the permissions of objects and lets you compare the permissions between two time intervals. The records of Permission Analysis will now be archived once the archiving of main database is initiated.

Both Permission History and Compare Permission reports can now be saved on disk in MHT, CSV, and PDF formats. A new “Apply to” column has been added to File Server Permission Analysis that explains the scope of change in permission.

A new option to customize the auditing of Object Classes has been added, which lets you exclude the selected object classes from auditing.

Report Filters have been upgraded with new options to add and apply filters. Now, a Compliance Report shows only relevant column filters instead of displaying all filters.

The user interface of “Audit Reports” tab for all sections (Audit Reports, Compliance Reports, and Permission Analysis) has been improved. A new pin icon has been added to the top right corner of Left Panel that lets you hide the Left Panel and pin it as a button on the top left corner. This functionality presents a more readable view of the reports.

Wild Card characters like % and * are now accepted in File Name and File Path.

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