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Lepide | Detect Insider Threats and Prevent Data Breaches
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Is It Actually Safe To Switch To The Cloud? | Has GDPR Impacted Our Safety?
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Data Protection with Lepide Data Security Platform
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data-security-platform67 pages
Lepide Data Security Platform – Protect Sensitive Data & Meet Compliance Mandates
Ransomware Detection and Prevention with Lepide Data Security Platform
Remote Worker Monitoring with Lepide Data Security Platform
Insider Threat Detection and Prevention with Lepide Data Security Platform
Detect Compromised Users | Lepide Data Security Platform
Detect and Respond to Threats | Lepide Data Security Platform
Data Access Governance Solution from Lepide
Data Classification Software to Locate and Classify Sensitive Data
Active Directory Cleanup Solution to Track & Manage Inactive Accounts
Enterprise Password Management | Automate Password Expiration Reminders
Monitor the Health of Active Directory, Exchange and SQL Server
Restore Active Directory and Group Policy Objects with Lepide Data Security Platform
Session Recording with Lepide Data Security Platform
Enterprise Scalability and Performance with Lepide Data Security Platform
Active Directory Auditing Tool from Lepide – Audit & Report AD Changes
Group Policy Auditing Solution to Audit & Report Group Policy Changes
File Server Auditing Software from Lepide - Audit File Servers Changes
NetApp Filer Change Auditing & Reporting with Lepide NetApp Filer Auditor
SharePoint Auditing Solution to Audit and Report SharePoint Changes
Audit SQL Server Changes with Lepide SQL Server Auditor
Exchange Auditing Solution to Audit & Report Exchange Server Changes
Audit Any On-Premise or Cloud Platform with Lepide Data Security Platform
Office 365 Auditing and Security Tool - Lepide
Azure AD Auditing and Reporting with Lepide Azure AD Auditor
Exchange Online Auditing and Reporting with Lepide Exchange Online Auditor
SharePoint Online Auditing and Change Reporting with Lepide SharePoint Online Auditor
OneDrive for Business Auditing and Reporting with Lepide Data Security Platform
Monitor User Activities in Microsoft Teams with Lepide
Audit Amazon Web Services S3 Buckets with Lepide Amazon S3 Auditor
Dropbox Auditing and Reporting with Lepide Dropbox Auditor
G Suite Auditing and Reporting with Lepide G Suite Auditor
Analyze Permissions and Implement Zero Trust with Lepide
Change Auditing and Reporting with Lepide
Get Started in Minutes with Lepide Virtual Appliance
Detect and Respond to Insider Threats Quickly with Lepide
Active Directory Permission Auditing, Track Permission Changes with Lepide AD Auditor
Lepide Data Security Platform Mobile App
File Access Auditing, Permission Change Audit on File Servers with Lepide File Server Auditor
Track Active Directory Changes in Real Time with Lepide AD Auditor
Active Directory Change Reporting with Lepide Active Directory Auditor
Permission Change Analysis of Active Directory, Exchange and File Servers with Lepide Data Security Platform
Group Policy Change Reporting with Lepide Group Policy Auditor
Track Group Policy Changes with Lepide Group Policy Auditor in Real Time
Track File Server Changes with Lepide File Server Auditor
Current Permission Analysis of Shared Files and Folders on File Server
File Share Auditing with Lepide File Server Auditor
Mailbox Access Auditing to Identify Non-Owners and Owners Accesses to Exchange Mailboxes
Exchange Server Change Tracking with Lepide Exchange Server Auditor
Release History – Lepide Data Security Platform
Introducing Lepide Data Security Platform 21.2
Reduce Attack Surface Area | Lepide Data Security Platform
Secure Your Data in Cloud | Lepide Data Security Platform
Lepide - SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Integrations
compliance15 pages
Meet HIPAA Compliance Audit Mandates with Lepide
Meet PCI Compliance Audit Mandates with Lepide
Meet GDPR Compliance Audit Mandates with Lepide
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance – Lepide
Meet FISMA Compliance Audit Mandates with Lepide
Meet GLBA Compliance Audit Mandates with Lepide
Meet Compliance Regulations with Lepide
ISO 27001 Compliance | Lepide
Meet SOX Compliance Audit Mandates with Lepide
CMMC Compliance Solution | Lepide
Pass CJIS Compliance Audits with Lepide
industry6 pages
Lepide in the Finance Industry
Ensure the Security of Educational Data with Lepide
Lepide in the Healthcare Industry
Lepide for Public Sector Organizations
Ensure Data Security in Technology Sector with Lepide
Get Full Visibility and Control on Critical Changes in Your Industry
event-log-manager11 pages
Manage Windows Event Logs with Lepide Event Log Manager
Schedule Demo of Lepide Event Log Manager
Download Lepide Event Log Manager For Freeware and Enterprise Edition
Archive and Consolidate Windows & W3C Event Logs to Central Repository
Event Logs Monitoring and Alert Generation for Critical Events
Windows & W3C Event Log Browsing For Network Wide Computers
Comprehensive Event Log Reporting and Compliance Status Reports
View Screenshots of Lepide Event Log Manager Software
Release History of Lepide Event Log Manager
Download Freeware Version of Lepide Event Log Manager Tool
Download Enterprise version of Lepide Event Log Manager Tool
active-directory-self-service12 pages
Active Directory Self Service Password Reset and Account Unlock for Users
Request a Quote for Lepide Active Directory Self Service
Request a Demo for Lepide Active Directory Self Service
Download Free Trial of Active Directory Self Service Software
Self-Service Password Reset & Self Account Unlock Tool for Active Directory
Configure Multifactor Policy to Self Password Reset, Account Unlock & Self Information Update
Reports on AD Self Password Reset, Account Unlocks, Changed & Expired Passwords
Release History of Lepide Active Directory Self Service
FAQs about Lepide Active Directory Self Service
Lepide Active Directory Self Service - Awards & MVP Reviews
View Screenshots of Active Directory Self Service Tool
news2 pages
Latest News and Updates – Lepide Software
lepide-data-security-platform-21-2-introduces-a-brand-new-web-interface-for-reports1 page
Lepide Data Security Platform 21.2 Introduces a Brand New Web Interface for Reports
wp-includes1 page
lepide-statement-on-cve-2021-44228-the-apache-log4j-vulnerability1 page
Lepide Statement On CVE-2021-44228, The Apache Log4j Vulnerability
announcement1 page
Announcement Archives - Latest News and Updates - Lepide Software - Latest News and Updates – Lepide Software
product-update1 page
Product Update Archives - Latest News and Updates - Lepide Software - Latest News and Updates – Lepide Software
new-launch1 page
New Launch Archives - Latest News and Updates - Lepide Software - Latest News and Updates – Lepide Software
lepide-data-security-platform-21-1-now-scales-better-than-any-other-solution-in-the-market1 page
Lepide Data Security Platform 21.1 Now Scales Better Than Any Other Solution in the Market
lepide-announces-strategic-partnership-with-atakama-to-further-secure-sensitive-data1 page
Lepide Announces Strategic Partnership with Atakama to Further Secure Sensitive Data
lepide-data-security-platform-20-2-released1 page
Lepide Data Security Platform 20.2 – Improve the Security of Microsoft Teams
automatically-block-compromised-user-accounts-with-lepide-active-directory-self-service-20-11 page
Automatically Block Compromised User Accounts with Lepide Active Directory Self Service 20.1
lepide-and-sherpa-announce-strategic-partnership1 page
Lepide and Sherpa Announce Strategic Partnership
find-out-what-your-data-is-really-worth-with-lepide-data-security-platform-20-11 page
Find Out What Your Data Is Really Worth with Lepide Data Security Platform 20.1
lepideauditor-is-now-lepide-data-security-platform1 page
LepideAuditor Is Now Lepide Data Security Platform
enterprises-are-creating-over-6500-files-containing-sensitive-data-every-day-reveals-lepide-2020-state-of-data-security-report1 page
Enterprises Are Creating Over 6,500 Files Containing Sensitive Data Every Day, Reveals Lepide 2020 State of Data Security Report
lepideusr1 page
Lepide Newsdesk, Author at Latest News and Updates - Lepide Software - Latest News and Updates – Lepide Software
lepide-introduces-data-risk-analysis-dashboard-to-easily-identify-risks-to-data-security1 page
Lepide Introduces Data Risk Analysis Dashboard to Help Organizations Easily Identify Risks to Data Security
lepide-introduces-universal-auditing-and-data-classification-for-exchange1 page
Lepide Introduces Universal Auditing and Data Classification for Exchange
lepide-grows-team-of-product-experts-in-the-usa1 page
Lepide Grows Team of Product Experts in the USA
lepide-releases-active-directory-account-lockout-examiner-freeware-and-three-other-free-tools-to-help-improve-data-security1 page
Lepide Releases Active Directory Account Lockout Examiner Freeware and Three Other Free Tools to Help Improve Data Security
lepideauditor-19-2-improves-upon-data-discovery-by-removing-false-positives1 page
LepideAuditor 19.2 Improves Upon Data Discovery by Removing False Positives
lepide-joins-forces-with-dutch-technology-experts1 page
Lepide Joins Forces with Dutch Technology eXperts to Provide Data-Centric Audit & Protection to the Benelux Region
on-the-fly-classification-introduced-into-lepideauditor-19-11 page
“On the Fly” Classification Introduced into LepideAuditor 19.1
active-directory-self-service-19-0-introduces-a-new-and-improved-user-interface1 page
Active Directory Self Service 19.0 Introduces a New and Improved User Interface
lepideauditor-19-0-improves-further-on-data-discovery-and-classification-and-data-security-analytics1 page
LepideAuditor 19.0 Improves Further on Data Discovery and Classification and Data Security Analytics
track-users-and-objects-with-excessive-permissions-with-lepideauditor-18-71 page
Easily Identify Users and Objects with Excessive Permissions with LepideAuditor 18.7
lepideauditor-now-includes-data-discovery-and-classification1 page
LepideAuditor Now Includes Data Discovery and Classification
lepideauditor-18-5-introduces-anomaly-spotting-to-improve-user-entity-behavior-analytics1 page
LepideAuditor 18.5 Introduces Anomaly Spotting to Improve User & Entity Behavior Analytics
lepideauditor-18-4-released1 page
LepideAuditor 18.4 Introduces a Brand-New Interactive Access Governance Insights Dashboard and G Suite Auditing
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-18-1-released1 page
Lepide Releases Version 18.1 of Active Directory Self Service Solution with New Search Capabilities
lepideauditor-18-3-now-integrates-with-any-siem-solution-and-introduces-amazon-web-services-auditing1 page
LepideAuditor 18.3 now integrates with any SIEM Solution and Introduces Amazon Web Services Auditing
lepideauditor-18-1-now-audits-cloud-components1 page
LepideAuditor 18.1 Now Audits Dropbox, Azure AD and OneDrive for Business
lepideauditor-18-0-now-including-open-share-analysis1 page
Launch of LepideAuditor 18.0 – Now Including Open Share Analysis
launch-of-lepideauditor-17-5-4-now-with-integrated-data-discovery-and-classification1 page
Launch of LepideAuditor 17.5.4 – Now with Integrated Data Discovery and Classification
lepide-launches-active-directory-self-service-18-01 page
Lepide Launches Active Directory Self Service 18.0: Now with Automated Script Execution
easily-meet-gdpr-compliance-with-lepideauditor-17-51 page
Easily meet GDPR compliance with LepideAuditor 17.5
lepidemigrator-for-exchange-moves-to-kernel1 page
LepideMigrator for Exchange moves to Kernel
audit-sharepoint-online-with-lepideauditor-17-41 page
Audit SharePoint Online with LepideAuditor 17.4
lepideauditor-17-3-with-netapp-cluster-mode-auditing1 page
Launch of LepideAuditor 17.3 – Now with NetApp Cluster Mode auditing
launch-of-lepideauditor-17-21 page
Launch of LepideAuditor 17.2
lepide-exchange-recovery-manager-moves-to-kernel1 page
Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager moves to Kernel
lepide-active-directory-self-service-17-0-is-now-available1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service 17.0 is now available
lepideauditor-17-1-launched1 page
LepideAuditor 17.1 is now available
lepideauditor-suite-17-0-with-threshold-alerts-for-file-server-auditing1 page
Lepide launches LepideAuditor Suite 17.0 with brand new threshold alerts for File Server auditing
lepide-announces-launch-of-lepideauditor-suite-16-4-21 page
Lepide announces launch of LepideAuditor Suite 16.4.2 with several exciting new features for easier auditing
lepideauditor-suite-v16-4-launched1 page
Lepide launches the new and improved LepideAuditor Suite 16.4
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-16-2-launched1 page
Lepide Software release Lepide Active Directory Self Service version 16.2
lepide-appoints-distology-as-their-uk-distributor1 page
Lepide appoints Distology as their UK distributor to help them grow their channel in the region
lepide-has-a-new-logo1 page
Lepide has a new logo!
lepideauditor-suite-16-3-with-file-server-current-permission-reporting1 page
LepideAuditor Suite 16.3 now comes with File Server Current Permission reporting
lepide-active-directory-self-service-16-1-launched1 page
Lepide Software has launched Lepide Active Directory Self Service 16.1 with a couple of new features
auditor-suite-16-2-launched1 page
Auditor Suite 16.2 launched with Active Directory and Exchange Server Permission Analysis
lepide-sql-storage-manager-is-now-available-for-free1 page
Lepide SQL Storage Manager is now available for Free
lepideauditor-for-exchange-server-review-won-silver-award1 page
LepideAuditor for Exchange Server Review won Silver Award
readers-choice-award-from-msexchange-org1 page
Reader’s Choice Award from
lepideauditor-for-active-directory-wins-gold-award-by-windowsnetworking-team1 page
LepideAuditor for Active Directory Wins Gold Award by Windowsnetworking Team
lepide-software-pvt-ltd-is-proud-to-announce-that-we-are-now-a-certified-partner-of-microsoft1 page
Lepide Software Pvt Ltd is proud to announce that we are now a certified partner of Microsoft
lepideauditor-suite-16-1-launched1 page
LepideAuditor Suite 16.1 launched with File Server Auditor and Permission Analysis
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-16-0-released1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service Version 16.0 Released
lepideauditor-suite-16-0-with-compliance-reports1 page
LepideAuditor Suite 16.0 with Regulatory Compliance Reports
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-15-1-released1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service Version 15.1 Released
yet-another-new-release-to-the-lepide-auditor-suite-version-15-41 page
Yet another new release to the LepideAuditor Suite version 15.4
lepideauditor-suite-15-3-launched1 page
LepideAuditor Suite 15.3 launched
major-new-release-of-auditorsuite-from-lepide1 page
MAJOR new release of AuditorSuite from Lepide
lepideauditor-for-file-server-15-3-launched1 page
LepideAuditor for File Server 15.3 launched
lepide-software-announces-release-of-lepideauditor-for-file-server-version-15-21 page
Lepide Software announces release of LepideAuditor for File Server version 15.2
lepideauditor-suite-version-15-1-launched1 page
LepideAuditor Suite version 15.1 launched
lepide-software-announces-launch-of-new-version-15-2-of-the-lerm1 page
Lepide Software announces launch of new version (15.2) of the LERM
lepide-software-launches-upgraded-version-15-1-of-lepideauditor-for-file-server1 page
Lepide Software launches upgraded version 15.1 of LepideAuditor for File Server
lepide-software-launches-upgraded-version-of-lepide-active-directory-self-service-15-01 page
Lepide Software launches upgraded version of Lepide Active Directory Self Service 15.0
lepideauditor-for-file-server-version-15-0-launched1 page
LepideAuditor for File Server version 15.0 Launched
lepideauditor-suite-15-0-launched1 page
LepideAuditor Suite 15.0 launched
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-14-12-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service Version 14.12 launched
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-14-11-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service Version 14.11 launched
lepideauditor-suite-is-launched1 page
LepideAuditor Suite is launched
lepide-software-launched-lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-14-06-011 page
Lepide Software launched Lepide Active Directory Self Service version 14.06.01
lepideauditor-for-active-directory-version-14-06-01-launched1 page
LepideAuditor for Active Directory Version 14.06.01 Launched
lepide-software-launched-lepideauditor-for-file-server-version-14-05-011 page
Lepide Software launched LepideAuditor for File Server Version 14.05.01
lepide-software-announces-the-launch-of-lepideauditor-for-sharepoint1 page
Lepide Software announces the launch of LepideAuditor for SharePoint
lepide-active-directory-cleaner-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Cleaner launched
lepide-user-password-expiration-reminder-version-14-05-01-launched1 page
Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder Version 14.05.01 launched
lepide-software-announces-the-launch-of-lepideauditor-for-exchange-server-14-05-011 page
Lepide Software announces the launch of LepideAuditor for Exchange Server 14.05.01
lepide-software-announces-the-launch-of-lepideauditor-for-file-server-version-14-02-011 page
Lepide Software announces the launch of LepideAuditor for File Server Version 14.02.01
lepideauditor-for-exchange-server-released1 page
LepideAuditor for Exchange Server released
lepideauditor-for-active-directory-version-13-07-01-launched1 page
LepideAuditor for Active Directory version 13.07.01 launched
lepide-user-password-expiration-reminder-launched1 page
Lepide User Password Expiration Reminder Launched
lepideauditor-for-sql-server-launched1 page
LepideAuditor for SQL Server Launched
lepide-active-directory-bulk-image-editor-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Bulk Image Editor launched
lepide-software-launched-lepideauditor-for-file-server1 page
Lepide Software launched LepideAuditor for File Server
lepide-active-directory-manager-version-12-12-01-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Manager Version 12.12.01 launched
lepide-software-launched-lepideauditor-for-active-directory1 page
Lepide Software Launched LepideAuditor for Active Directory
lepide-event-log-manager-updated-version-launched1 page
Lepide Event Log Manager Updated Version Launched
lepide-active-directory-self-service-version-12-09-01-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service version 12.09.01 launched
lepide-remote-admin-launched1 page
Lepide Remote Admin Launched
lepide-last-logon-reporter-launched1 page
Lepide Last Logon Reporter Launched
lepide-sql-storage-manager-launched1 page
Lepide SQL Storage Manager Launched
lem-version-12-05-01-launched1 page
LEM Version 12.05.01 Launched
ladss-updates-for-version-11-12-011 page
LADSS Updates for Version 11.12.01
lepide-event-log-manager-launched1 page
Lepide Event log Manager Launched
lepide-active-directory-self-service-tool-launched1 page
Lepide Active Directory Self Service Tool Launched
launched-lepide-free-tools1 page
Launched: Lepide Free Tools
lepide-launches-lepidemigrator-for-exchange-17-11 page
Lepide Launches LepideMigrator for Exchange 17.1
careers35 pages
Lepide Careers
Lepide Careers | Implementation Engineer
Lepide Careers | Quality Analyst
Lepide Careers | PHP Developer
Job Opening for Sales Development Representative Team Leader
Job Opening for Marketing Campaign Manager
Job Opening for Product Developer
Job Opening for Account Manager - Europe
Job Opening for Account Manager - London
Job Opening for Account Manager - Austin
Job Opening for SEO Executives
Job Application for Implementation Engineer
Job Application for Quality Analyst
Job Application for PHP Developer
Job Application for Sales Development Representative
Job Application for Marketing Campaign Manager
Job Application for Product Developer
Job Application for Account Manager Europe
Job Application for Account Manager UK
Job Application for Account Manager USA
Job Application for SEO Executives
Job Opening for QA-Lead
Job Opening for Senior Technical Support Engineer
Job Opening for Senior Technical Writers
Job Opening for QA-Lead
Job Opening for Senior SQL DBA
Job Opening for Senior SQL Developer
Job Application for Senior SQL DBA
Job Application for QA Lead
Job Application for Senior Technical Support Engineer
Job Application for Senior SQL Developer
Job Application for Enterprise Sales Executive Europe
Job Application for Enterprise Sales Executive UK
Job Application for Enterprise Sales Executive USA
Job Application for Sr Technical Writer
webinar26 pages
Lepide Webinars
Webinar - The Complete Guide to Ransomware [Updated for 2022]
Webinar - The Lepide Guide to Essential Penetration Testing Techniques
Webinar - Common Causes of Account Lockouts in AD and How to Troubleshoot
Top Security Events to Monitor in Microsoft 365 - Webinar
Active Directory and Windows Infrastructure as a Malware Tool - Webinar
Executive's Guide to the Business of Malware - Webinar
Lepide (powered by tenfold) Live Demonstration
How to Detect Threats to Data Security and Better Govern Access | Webinar
Webinar | The New US Data Privacy Environment: Are You Ready?
A Four Step Roadmap to Complying with the GLBA Safeguards Rule
Four Secrets of US HIPAA Compliance | Lepide Webinar
Webinar – How to Improve Your Data Security By Addressing the Insider Threat
Webinar –How to Protect Sensitive Data Whilst Using Microsoft Teams
Webinar – Learn How to Be Cyber-Smart for This Year's Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Webinar – Is "Zero Trust" the Magic Bullet for Data Security?
Webinar – Is "Trust but Verify" the Most Important Security Strategy?
Webinar – How to Better Understand Your Privileged Users in Active Directory
Webinar – How to Detect and Respond to a Ransomware Attack
Webinar – How to Build a Business Case for Information Security
Webinar – How to Deal with the Rise of Security Threats Affecting Your Sensitive Data
Webinar – Why Your Legacy Security Will Fail to Protect Against Home Workers
Webinar – How to Implement Zero Trust with Remote Workers
Webinar – How to Keep Track of What Remote Workers Are Doing with Your Sensitive Data
Webinar – How to Maintain Data Security and Productivity with Remote Workers
Webinar – A Security Debate Zero Trust or Trust but Verify
whitepaper41 pages
Lepide Whitepapers: Cyber-Security, Ransomware and IT Auditing
Executive's Guide to Essential Penetration Testing Techniques - Whitepaper
Active Directory and Windows Infrastructure as a Malware Tool - Whitepaper
Executive’s Guide to the Business of Malware - Whitepaper
Why the CISO Needs to Take a Data-Centric View on Security - Lepide Whitepaper
Whitepaper - How to Build a Business Case for Information Security
Identifying and Protecting PHI Within Legacy Healthcare Systems
A Guide to Cybersecurity in the Legal Sector – Whitepaper
Why Visibility is the C-Suite’s Greatest Security Risk – Whitepaper
How CISOs Can Win Over the Board on Cybersecurity Strategy
Popular Cyber Attack Methods and How to Mitigate Them
How to Secure and Protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Do You Need A Data-Centric Audit & Protection Solution?
Is Your Organization Prepared for a Cyber-Attack?
Security Monitoring: The Missing Link – Whitepaper
How to Deal with the Threat of Malicious “Cyber” Insiders - Lepide Whitepaper
Should the NHS Outsource Information Governance – Whitepaper
Avoiding privilege abuse in Active Directory
Insider Threats: Trust Isn’t a Security Strategy
The New GLBA Safeguards Rule and the Future of US Financial Industry Data Security - Whitepaper
The New US Data Privacy Environment | Lepide Whitepaper
Four Steps to Complying with the GLBA Safeguards Rule| Lepide Whitepaper
Four Secretes of US HIPAA Compliance | Lepide Whitepaper
10 Things IT Departments Do to Prevent Cyber Attacks and Meet Compliance
How Auditing Helps Meet PCI DSS Compliance - Whitepaper
10 Best Practices for Keeping Active Directory Secure
SIEM-less Auditing - A Seamless Auditing Solution in Microsoft Windows – Whitepaper
Basic Principles for Securing Active Directory – Whitepaper
Auditing, Logging and Alerting - Lepide Whitepaper
Detecting Ransomware using File Server Auditing – Whitepaper
9 Critical Flaws in Auditing Active Directory Natively
blog1 page
Lepide Blog: A Guide to IT Security, Compliance and IT Operations
how-to-prevent-ransomware-tips-for-ransomware-prevention1 page
How To Prevent Ransomware – Tips for Ransomware Prevention
wp-includes1 page
top-10-cybersecurity-certifications1 page
Top 10 Cybersecurity Certifications
what-is-hive-ransomware1 page
What is Hive Ransomware?
what-is-data-democratization1 page
What is Data Democratization?
senate-bill-6-everything-you-need-to-know-about-connecticuts-new-privacy-law1 page
Senate Bill 6: Everything you need to know about Connecticut’s New Privacy Law
how-to-become-a-successful-ciso1 page
How to Become a Successful CISO
top-exploited-vulnerabilities-in-20211 page
Top Exploited Vulnerabilities in 2021
top-10-most-important-group-policy-settings-for-preventing-security-breaches1 page
Top 10 Most Important Group Policy Settings for Preventing Security Breaches
audit-successful-logon-logoff-and-failed-logons-in-activedirectory1 page
How to Audit Successful Logon/Logoff and Failed Logons in Active Directory
what-are-the-common-root-causes-of-account-lockouts-and-do-i-resolve-them1 page
What Are the Common Root Causes of Account Lockouts and How Do I Resolve Them?
why-are-small-and-mid-size-businesses-targeted-for-ransomware1 page
Why are Small and Mid-size Businesses Targeted for Ransomware?
internal-audit-vs-external-audit1 page
Internal Audit vs External Audit
top-10-data-security-solutions-to-secure-your-sensitive-data1 page
Top 10 Data Security Solutions to Secure your Sensitive Data
data-governance-challenges1 page
Data Governance Challenges
what-is-penetration-testing1 page
What is Penetration Testing?
what-is-ransomware-as-a-service1 page
What is Ransomware-as-a-Service?
best-practices-for-using-azure-ad-connect1 page
Azure AD Connect Best Practices
what-is-endpoint-detection-and-response1 page
What is Endpoint Detection and Response?
what-is-azure-ad-conditional-access1 page
What is Azure AD Conditional Access?
pci-compliance-best-practices1 page
PCI Compliance Best Practices
what-is-rot-data-and-how-to-manage-it1 page
What is ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial) Data and How to Manage It
what-is-malware-common-malware-types1 page
What is Malware? Common Malware Types
what-is-dark-data-and-how-to-find-it1 page
What is Dark Data and How to Find it
what-is-file-integrity-monitoring1 page
What Is File Integrity Monitoring?
what-is-multi-factor-authentication-in-office-3651 page
What is Multi-Factor Authentication in Office 365?
what-is-data-stewardship1 page
What is Data Stewardship
what-is-a-risk-management-framework1 page
What is a Risk Management Framework?
top-10-security-events-to-monitor-in-microsoft-3651 page
Top 10 Security Events to Monitor in Microsoft 365
what-is-a-business-glossary1 page
What is a Business Glossary?
what-is-digital-rights-management1 page
What is Digital Rights Management
what-is-business-email-compromise-and-how-do-you-detect-it1 page
What is Business Email Compromise and How Do You Detect it
microsoft-365-guest-users-and-external-access1 page
Microsoft 365 Guest Users and External Access
what-is-lateral-flow-movement-and-how-do-you-detect-it1 page
What is Lateral Flow Movement and how do you Detect it
addressing-gaps-between-active-directory-and-microsoft-365-security1 page
Addressing Gaps Between Active Directory and Microsoft 365 Security
what-is-passwordless-authentication-benefits-and-challenges1 page
What is Passwordless Authentication? Benefits and Challenges
how-to-do-a-hipaa-risk-assessment1 page
How to Do a HIPAA Risk Assessment
why-you-should-enable-lsa-protection1 page
Why You Should Enable LSA Protection
file-sharing-security-best-practices1 page
File Sharing Security Best Practices
top-security-concerns-for-cisos-in-20221 page
Top Security Concerns for CISOs in 2022
what-is-audit-failure-in-event-viewer1 page
What is Audit Failure in Event Viewer?
sharepoint-vs-onedrive-which-is-better1 page
SharePoint vs OneDrive: Which is Better?
what-is-a-security-operations-center-soc1 page
What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?
hipaa-compliance-a-guide-and-checklist1 page
HIPAA Compliance Checklist: A Guide to Meeting HIPAA Requirements
active-directory-zero-trust-best-practices1 page
Active Directory Zero Trust Best Practices
updates-to-the-glbas-safeguards-rule1 page
Updates to the GLBA’s Safeguards Rule
microsoft-office-365-security-best-practices1 page
Microsoft Office 365 Security Best Practices
the-benefits-of-using-azure-ad1 page
The Benefits of Using Azure AD
is-zero-trust-the-future-for-data-security1 page
Is Zero Trust the Future for Data Security?
what-is-cloud-ransomware-and-best-practices-to-protect-against-it1 page
What is Cloud Ransomware and Best Practices to Protect Against It
what-is-hipaa-compliant-file-sharing1 page
What is HIPAA Compliant File Sharing?
what-is-password-spraying-and-how-to-stop-it1 page
What Is Password Spraying and How to Stop it?
exchange-server-security-best-practices1 page
Exchange Server Security Best Practices
what-are-office-365-sensitivity-labels1 page
What Are Office 365 Sensitivity Labels?
best-practices-for-google-workspace-security1 page
Best Practices for Google Workspace Security
12-steps-to-take-to-recover-from-a-phishing-attack1 page
12 Steps to Take to Recover from a Phishing Attack
how-to-detect-ransomware1 page
Ransomware Detection Tips – How to Detect Ransomware
pci-compliance-checklist1 page
PCI Compliance Checklist
how-to-react-to-ransomware-attack-in-8-steps1 page
How to React to Ransomware Attack in 8 Steps
how-to-secure-data-in-a-hybrid-workplace1 page
How to Secure Data in a Hybrid Workplace
data-protection-for-google-workspace1 page
Data Protection for Google Workspace
a-guide-to-the-texas-medical-records-privacy-act1 page
A Guide to the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act
what-is-the-california-privacy-rights-act-cpra-20201 page
What is the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) 2020?
balancing-data-security-and-accessibility1 page
Balancing Data Security and Accessibility
why-cybersecurity-must-include-active-directory1 page
Why Cybersecurity Must Include Active Directory
what-to-do-when-an-office-365-account-is-compromised1 page
What to Do When an Office 365 Account is Compromised
what-is-the-information-transparency-and-personal-data-control-act1 page
What is the Information Transparency and Personal Data Control Act and Why Does it Matter?
what-is-conti-ransomware-and-how-to-react1 page
What is Conti Ransomware and How to React
consumer-privacy-rights-under-gdpr1 page
Consumer Privacy Rights Under GDPR
is-data-security-essential-or-optional-in-todays-new-world1 page
Is Data Security Essential or Optional in Today’s New World?
what-is-the-ccpa-california-consumer-privacy-act1 page
What is the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)?
the-lepide-guide-to-california-consumer-privacy-act-ccpa-compliance1 page
The Lepide Guide to California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Compliance
how-to-implement-zero-trust-security-in-the-cloud1 page
How to Implement Zero Trust Security in the Cloud
insider-threat-statistics-updated-for-20211 page
Insider Threat Statistics: Updated for 2021
how-to-meet-hipaa-compliance-when-using-cloud-platforms1 page
How to Meet HIPAA Compliance When Using Cloud Platforms
insider-threat-awareness-training-and-best-practices1 page
Insider Threat Awareness: Training and Best Practices
what-is-hitech-compliance-and-how-to-meet-its-requirements1 page
What is HITECH Compliance and How to Meet Its Requirements
insider-threat-indicators-to-look-out-for1 page
Insider Threat Indicators to Look Out For
what-is-siem1 page
What is SIEM?
what-is-the-childrens-online-privacy-protection-act-coppa-and-how-to-comply1 page
What is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and How to Comply
what-is-the-printnightmare-vulnerability1 page
What is the PrintNightmare Vulnerability?
what-is-data-security1 page
What is Data Security? Importance and Data Security Best Practices
what-is-an-insider-threat-how-to-detect-and-prevent-insider-threats1 page
What is an Insider Threat? How to Detect and Prevent Insider Threats
8-signs-you-might-be-at-risk-of-an-insider-threat1 page
8 Signs You Might Be at Risk of an Insider Threat
how-to-navigate-insider-risk1 page
How to Navigate Insider Risk
what-is-the-virginia-consumer-data-protection-act-and-where-do-you-start1 page
What is the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act and Where Do You Start?
how-to-monitor-protected-health-information-phi1 page
How to Monitor PHI: What You Need to Monitor
what-is-lateral-movement-and-privilege-escalation1 page
What is Lateral Movement and Privilege Escalation?
how-to-choose-the-right-compliance-management-solution1 page
How to Choose the Right Compliance Management Solution
data-security-for-schools1 page
Data Security for Schools
cloud-security-threats-and-how-to-mitigate-them1 page
Top Cloud Security Threats and How to Mitigate Them
darkside-ransomware-attacks-a-guide-to-prevention1 page
DarkSide Ransomware Attacks: A Guide to Prevention
what-is-the-shield-act-and-tips-for-achieving-shield-compliance1 page
What is the SHIELD Act: Tips for Achieving SHIELD Compliance
microsoft-office-365-file-sharing1 page
Microsoft Office 365 File Sharing
glba-compliance-checklist1 page
GLBA Compliance Checklist
sharepoint-online-security-best-practices1 page
SharePoint Online Security Best Practices
why-are-fewer-companies-deploying-security-monitoring-tools1 page
Why Are Fewer Companies Deploying Security Monitoring Tools?
why-choose-microsoft-teams1 page
Why Choose Microsoft Teams
how-to-report-hipaa-breaches1 page
How to Report HIPAA Breaches
20-cyber-security-statistics-you-need-to-know-in-20211 page
20 Cyber-Security Statistics You Need To Know In 2021
office-365-groups-vs-teams1 page
Office 365 Groups vs Teams
what-is-data-leakage-and-how-do-you-prevent-it1 page
What is Data Leakage and How Do You Prevent It?
5-cybersecurity-lessons-learned-from-covid-191 page
5 Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from Covid-19
implement-the-principle-of-least-privilege-in-the-cloud1 page
How to Implement The Principle of Least Privilege in The Cloud
how-to-build-a-security-culture-in-your-organization1 page
How to Build a Security Culture in Your Organization
data-loss-prevention-strategies-for-remote-workers1 page
Data Loss Prevention Strategies for Remote Workers
the-hafnium-breach-microsoft-exchange-server-attack1 page
The Hafnium Breach – Microsoft Exchange Server Attack
what-are-amazon-s3-buckets1 page
What Are Amazon S3 Buckets?
how-to-audit-exchange-online-activity1 page
How to Audit Exchange Online Activity
strengthen-microsoft-teams-security1 page
How to Strengthen Microsoft Teams Security
microsoft-office-365-vs-g-suite-which-is-best1 page
Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – Which is Best?
ciso-challenges-burnouts-and-culture-mismatch1 page
CISO Challenges: Burnouts and Culture Mismatch
what-is-cmmc-compliance-introduction-and-checklist1 page
What is CMMC Compliance? Introduction and Checklist
best-practices-for-azure-ad-security1 page
Best Practices for Azure AD Security
what-data-security-threats-to-look-out-for-in-20211 page
What Data Security Threats to Look Out for in 2021
how-excellus-could-have-avoided-the-5-1m-hipaa-violation-penalty1 page
How Excellus Could Have Avoided the $5.1m HIPAA Violation Penalty
what-is-iso-27001-compliance-a-complete-guide1 page
What is ISO 27001 Compliance? A Complete Guide
office-365-data-loss-prevention-tips1 page
Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Tips
top-20-data-breaches-of-20201 page
Top 20 Data Breaches of 2020
how-to-secure-data-on-iot-devices-in-5-easy-steps1 page
How to Secure Data on IoT Devices in 5 Easy Steps
the-5-biggest-cybersecurity-threats-for-the-healthcare-industry1 page
The 5 Biggest Cybersecurity Threats for the Healthcare Industry
5-ways-to-keep-your-active-directory-clean1 page
5 Ways to Keep Your Active Directory Clean
how-to-prevent-kerberoasting-attacks1 page
How to Prevent Kerberoasting Attacks
how-to-classify-data-in-office-3651 page
How to Classify Data in Office 365
cyber-security-vs-cyber-resilience1 page
Cyber-Security vs Cyber-Resilience
how-to-make-your-security-budget-go-further1 page
How to Make Your Security Budget Go Further: Stop Responding and Start Preventing
on-premise-vs-cloud-data-storage-pros-and-cons1 page
On-Premise vs Cloud Data Storage: Pros and Cons
what-is-onedrive-for-business-and-what-are-the-benefits1 page
What is OneDrive for Business and What Are the Benefits?
what-is-emotet-malware-and-how-do-you-defend-against-it1 page
What is Emotet Malware and How Do You Defend Against it?
is-your-data-secure-in-office-3651 page
Is Your Data Secure in Office 365?
data-security-risk-assessment-checklist1 page
Data Security Risk Assessment Checklist
microsoft-teams-security-tips-and-best-practices1 page
Microsoft Teams Security, Tips and Best Practices
what-are-office-365-groups1 page
What Are Office 365 Groups?
google-drive-for-business-security-best-practices1 page
Google Drive for Business Security Best Practices
what-is-a-cybersecurity-assessment1 page
What is a Cybersecurity Assessment?
what-is-active-directory-and-how-does-it-work1 page
What Is Active Directory and How Does It Work?
early-warning-signs-of-a-ransomware-attack1 page
Early Warning Signs of a Ransomware Attack
the-three-steps-towards-zero-trust1 page
The Three Steps Towards Zero Trust
best-practices-for-a-cybersecurity-audit1 page
Best Practices for a Cybersecurity Audit
aws-security-management-and-best-practices1 page
AWS Security Management and Best Practices
what-is-glba-compliance1 page
What is GLBA Compliance? The Gramm-Leach-Billey Act of 2019
5-benefits-of-using-encryption-technology-for-data-protection1 page
5 Benefits of Using Encryption Technology for Data Protection
5-things-you-must-get-right-to-secure-laas-and-paas1 page
5 Things You Must Get Right to Secure IaaS and PaaS
what-is-sox-compliance-and-what-are-the-requirements1 page
What is SOX Compliance and What Are the Requirements?
what-is-a-proxy-server-and-are-they-good-for-security1 page
What is a Proxy Server and Are They Good for Security?
active-directory-security-best-practices1 page
Active Directory Security Best Practices
auditing-administrator-access-rights-in-active-directory1 page
Auditing Administrator Access Rights in Active Directory
why-complexity-is-the-biggest-enemy-of-data-security1 page
Why Complexity is the Biggest Enemy of Data Security
5-fsmo-roles-active-directory1 page
The 5 FSMO Roles in Active Directory: What They Are and What They Do
what-is-sensitive-data-and-how-do-you-protect-it1 page
What is Sensitive Data and How Do You Protect it?
access-governance-best-practices-least-privilege-and-zero-trust1 page
Access Governance Best Practices: Least Privilege and Zero Trust
the-15-most-common-types-of-cyber-attacks1 page
The 15 Most Common Types of Cyber Attacks
what-is-upnp-and-is-it-safe1 page
What is UPnP and is it Safe?
what-are-dcsync-and-dcshadow-active-directory-attacks1 page
What are DCSync and DCShadow Active Directory attacks?
active-directory-security-groups-best-practices1 page
Active Directory Security Groups Best Practices
what-is-the-cyber-kill-chain-and-how-it-works1 page
What is the Cyber Kill Chain? Examples and how it Works
what-are-active-directory-security-groups1 page
What Are Active Directory Security Groups?
what-is-soar-and-how-it-can-detect-and-remediate-threats1 page
What is SOAR and How Can it Help to Detect and Remediate Threats
10-ways-to-prevent-phishing-attacks1 page
10 Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks
how-to-build-a-business-case-for-information-security1 page
How to Build a Business Case Proposal for Information Security
how-will-covid-19-affect-cybersecurity-spending1 page
How Will COVID-19 Affect Cybersecurity Spending?
hardening-active-directory-and-securing-unstructured-data-stores1 page
Hardening Active Directory and Securing Unstructured Data Stores
controlling-the-blast-radius-of-an-attack1 page
Controlling the Blast Radius of an Attack
are-healthcare-providers-getting-worse-at-preventing-data-breaches1 page
Are Healthcare Providers Getting Worse at Preventing Data Breaches?
how-much-will-a-data-breach-cost-you-and-how-can-you-reduce-it1 page
How Much Will a Data Breach Cost You and Can You Reduce It?
how-infonomics-can-help-you-determine-your-security-budget-and-assess-your-financial-risk1 page
How Infonomics Can Help You Determine Your Security Budget and Assess Your Financial Risk
5-reasons-why-you-need-a-data-security-solution1 page
5 Reasons Why You Need a Data Security Solution
how-to-sell-cybersecurity-to-business-owners1 page
How to Sell Cybersecurity to Business Owners
why-transparency-and-traceability-are-important-traits-for-data-security1 page
Why Transparency and Traceability Are Important Traits for Data Security
the-importance-of-security-incident-reporting1 page
The Importance of Security Incident Reporting
maintaining-data-security-when-employees-are-fired-or-furloughed1 page
Maintaining Data Security When Employees Are Fired or Furloughed
a-security-strategy-for-remote-working-data-centric-audit-protection1 page
A Security Strategy for Remote Working: Data-Centric Audit & Protection
how-hyper-automation-will-affect-data-security1 page
How Hyper-Automation Will Affect Data Security
top-10-tips-for-securing-your-data-while-working-remotely1 page
Top 10 Tips for Securing Your Data While Working Remotely
13-compliance-requirements-for-criminal-justice-information-services-cjis1 page
13 Compliance Requirements for Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)
information-security-trends-during-a-recession1 page
Information Security Trends During a Recession
how-user-behavior-analytics-uba-can-improve-cloud-security1 page
How User Behavior Analytics (UBA) can Improve Cloud Security
the-lepide-guide-to-ferpa-compliance1 page
The Lepide Guide to FERPA Compliance
covid19-is-playing-havoc-with-anomaly-detection1 page
COVID19 Is Playing Havoc with Anomaly Detection
what-is-data-loss-prevention-dlp-tips-and-best-practices1 page
What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)? Tips and Best Practices
why-business-email-compromise-is-a-huge-risk-to-data-security-in-20201 page
Why Business Email Compromise is a Huge Risk to Data Security in 2020
what-is-role-based-access-control1 page
What is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and How to Implement it
preparing-to-be-a-cio-how-to-reduce-stress1 page
Preparing to be a CIO: How to Reduce Stress
the-cio-security-checklist-questions-to-answer1 page
The CIO Security Checklist: Questions to Answer
what-are-open-shares-and-how-fixing-open-shares-can-improve-data-security1 page
What are Open Shares and How Fixing Open Shares Can Help Improve Data Security
what-is-identity-and-access-management1 page
What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?
what-is-the-new-york-shield-act-how-to-be-compliant1 page
What is the New York SHIELD Act? How to Be Compliant
steps-to-a-successful-data-access-governance-program1 page
Steps to a Successful Data Access Governance Program
nine-tips-for-preventing-misuse-of-service-accounts-in-active-directory1 page
9 Tips for Preventing Active Directory Service Accounts Misuse
implementing-least-privilege-security1 page
Implementing Least Privilege Security
is-gdpr-enforceable-in-practice-outside-of-the-eu1 page
Is GDPR Enforceable in Practice Outside of the EU?
top-10-things-to-audit-in-active-directory1 page
Top 10 Things to Audit in Active Directory
key-data-privacy-issues-and-trends-for-20201 page
Key Data Privacy Issues and Trends for 2020
the-complete-guide-to-social-engineering-attacks1 page
The Complete Guide to Social Engineering Attacks
15-data-security-predictions-for-20201 page
15 Data Security Predictions for 2020
soc-audit-checklist1 page
Preparing for a SOC Audit – A Checklist
the-lepide-guide-for-managing-and-monitoring-access-control1 page
The Lepide Guide for Managing and Monitoring Access Control
a-data-breach-detection-and-prevention-solution-lepide-data-security-platform1 page
A Data Breach Detection and Prevention Solution – Lepide Data Security Platform
the-devastating-after-effects-of-a-data-breach1 page
The Devastating After-Effects of a Data Breach
why-cisos-and-lawyers-need-to-work-together-for-gdpr-implementation1 page
Why CISOs and Lawyers Need to Work Together for GDPR Implementation
cisos-how-to-get-the-cybersecurity-budget-you-need-and-how-to-spend-it1 page
CISOs: How to Get the Cybersecurity Budget You Need (and How to Spend it)
why-cisos-are-suffering-from-increasing-levels-of-stress1 page
Why CISOs are Suffering from Increasing Levels of Stress
3-ways-the-role-of-the-ciso-will-evolve-over-the-next-few-years1 page
3 Ways the Role of the CISO Will Evolve Over the Next Few Years
why-arent-there-more-women-in-cybersecurity1 page
Why Aren’t There More Women in Cybersecurity?
3-traits-shared-by-successful-cisos1 page
3 Traits Shared by Successful CISOs
are-cisos-in-high-demand1 page
Are CISOs in High Demand?
the-biggest-piece-security-advice-for-cisos-in-20191 page
The Biggest Piece Security Advice for CISOs in 2019
best-practices-for-your-data-breach-incident-response-plan1 page
Data Breach Incident Response Plan – Best Practices
navigating-the-data-security-threats-and-compliance-challenges1 page
Navigating the Data Security Threats and Compliance Challenges
the-pressure-on-cisos-is-ramping-up1 page
The Pressure on CISOs is Ramping Up
sharing-the-results-of-your-security-audit-with-your-employees1 page
Why You Should Consider Sharing the Results of Your Security Audit with Your Employees
how-to-require-ldap-signing-in-windows-server1 page
How to Require LDAP Signing in Windows Server
fine-grained-password-policy-best-practices1 page
Fine-Grained Password Policy Best Practices
the-top-10-data-breaches-of-20181 page
The Top 10 Data Breaches of 2018
the-difference-between-information-security-and-cybersecurity1 page
The Difference Between Information Security and Cybersecurity
how-data-access-governance-compliments-privileged-access-management1 page
How Data Access Governance Compliments Privileged Access Management
the-lepide-checklist-for-gdpr-compliance1 page
Our Quick Checklist for GDPR Compliance
how-can-technology-help-with-iso-27001-compliance1 page
How Can Technology Help with ISO 27001 Compliance?
what-lessons-can-we-learn-from-recent-gdpr-fines1 page
What Lessons Can We Learn from Recent GDPR Fines?
is-your-company-failing-to-comply-with-glba1 page
Is Your Company Failing to Comply with GLBA?
15-questions-to-answer-for-hipaa-compliance1 page
15 Questions to Answer for HIPAA Compliance
data-classification-for-gdpr1 page
Data Classification for GDPR: How Classification Can Help You Comply with Regulations
why-it-pays-to-monitor-your-employees1 page
Why It Pays to Monitor Your Employees
what-to-look-for-when-monitoring-file-activity-on-file-server1 page
What to Look for When Monitoring File Activity on File Server
what-is-an-adminsdholder-attack-and-how-to-defend-against-it1 page
What is an AdminSDHolder Attack and How to Defend Against it?
why-data-security-may-be-more-important-than-endpoint-security1 page
Why Data Security May Be More Important Than Endpoint Security
what-is-group-policy-gpo-and-what-role-does-it-play-in-data-security1 page
What is Group Policy (GPO) and What Role Does It Play in Data Security
whats-the-difference-between-active-directory-and-ldap1 page
What’s the Difference Between Active Directory and LDAP?
5-more-powershell-commands-to-better-manage-active-directory1 page
5 More PowerShell Commands to Better Manage Active Directory
5-powershell-commands-to-better-manage-active-directory1 page
5 PowerShell Commands to Better Manage Active Directory
the-4-features-of-effective-group-policy-auditing1 page
The 4 Features of Effective Group Policy Auditing
whats-the-difference-between-share-and-ntfs-permissions1 page
Difference Between Share and NTFS Permissions?
us-authorities-are-still-falling-victim-to-ransomware-attacks1 page
US Authorities Are Still Falling Victim to Ransomware Attacks
protecting-cities-from-ransomware-attacks1 page
Protecting Cities from Ransomware Attacks
formjacking-are-ransomware-and-cryptojacking-about-to-be-replaced1 page
Formjacking: Are Ransomware and Cryptojacking About to Be Replaced?
how-can-hospitals-protect-themselves-from-samsam-ransomware-attacks1 page
How Can Hospitals Protect Themselves from SamSam Ransomware Attacks?
what-is-ryuk-ransomware-and-how-dangerous-is-it1 page
What is Ryuk Ransomware and How Dangerous is it?
tips-to-protect-office-365-data-against-ransomware1 page
Tips to Protect Office 365 Data Against Ransomware
prevent-detect-and-recover-from-a-ransomware-attack1 page
Prevent, Detect and Recover from a Ransomware Attack
ransomware-vs-cryptojacking1 page
Ransomware VS Cryptojacking
the-hidden-costs-of-a-ransomware-attack1 page
The Hidden Costs of a Ransomware Attack
a-year-after-wannacry-what-lessons-have-been-learned1 page
A Year After WannaCry, What Lessons Have Been Learned?
5-questions-you-need-to-answer-to-protect-yourself-from-rogue-admins1 page
5 Questions You Need to Answer to Protect Yourself from Rogue Admins
how-to-perform-an-it-risk-assessment1 page
3 Steps to Performing a Successful Data Security Risk Assessment
seven-steps-to-better-active-directory-privileged-access-management1 page
7 Steps to Better Active Directory Privileged Access Management
a-wolf-in-sheeps-clothing-identifying-malicious-insiders1 page
A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Identifying Malicious Insiders
more-than-forty-of-companies-dont-know-where-their-data-is-stored1 page
More than 40% of Companies Don’t Know Where their Data is Stored
restore-deleted-objects-in-active-directory1 page
Restore Deleted Objects in Active Directory
5-things-you-need-to-audit-in-active-directory-for-gdpr1 page
5 Things You Need to Audit in Active Directory for GDPR
what-can-you-do-if-youve-become-the-victim-of-a-ransomware-attack1 page
What can you do if you’ve become the victim of a ransomware attack?
is-your-business-prepared-for-the-forthcoming-gdpr1 page
Is your business prepared for the forthcoming GDPR?
reacting-to-the-petya-ransomware-attack-what-can-you-do1 page
Reacting to the ‘Petya’ Ransomware Attack: What Can You Do?
three-reasons-why-change-control-is-important1 page
3 Reasons Why Change Control Is Important
securing-your-active-directory-environment-what-you-need-to-know1 page
Securing your Active Directory environment – What you need to know
keeping-your-active-directory-secure-when-delegating-privileges-to-users1 page
Keeping your Active Directory secure when delegating privileges to users
10-best-practices-for-data-breach-prevention1 page
10 Best Practices for Data Breach Prevention
how-to-tackle-malicious-password-attacks1 page
How to tackle malicious password attacks and reduce costs involved in servicing legitimate account lockouts
5-policies-that-can-help-keep-your-active-directory-secure1 page
5 policies that can help keep your Active Directory secure
complying-with-data-security-regulations-doesnt-mean-your-data-is-secure1 page
Complying with Data Security Regulations Doesn’t Mean Your Data is Secure
what-is-personally-identifiable-information-pii-data-and-how-do-you-classify-and-secure-it1 page
What is Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Data and How Do You Classify and Secure it?
what-is-the-nydfs-cybersecurity-regulation-and-how-lepide-helps1 page
What is the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation and How Lepide Helps
how-to-build-a-data-classification-policy1 page
How to Build a Data Classification Policy to Improve Data Security
enabling-people-to-own-their-data-doesnt-mitigate-privacy-concerns1 page
Enabling People to Own Their Data Doesn’t Mitigate Privacy Concerns
security-flaws-in-s3-buckets-are-responsible-for-many-data-breaches1 page
Security Flaws in S3 Buckets are Responsible for Many Data Breaches
why-the-real-estate-industry-could-do-more-to-secure-data1 page
Why the Real Estate Industry Could Do More to Secure Data
keeping-unstructured-sensitive-data-secure-in-the-cloud1 page
Keeping Unstructured Sensitive Data Secure in the Cloud
why-are-business-email-accounts-so-valuable-to-hackers1 page
Why Are Business Email Accounts So Valuable to Hackers?
new-survey-reveals-the-importance-of-cybersecurity-automation1 page
New Survey Reveals the Importance of Cybersecurity Automation
using-deception-to-fight-cyber-crime1 page
Using Deception to Fight Cyber-Crime
does-the-uk-have-issues-employing-and-training-cybersecurity-professionals1 page
Does the UK Have Issues Employing and Training Cybersecurity Professionals?
onedrive-for-business-security-tips-and-tricks1 page
OneDrive for Business Security Tips and Tricks
what-is-data-classification-and-how-to-do-it1 page
What is Data Classification and How to Do it Effectively
the-threat-facing-americas-critical-infrastructure1 page
The Threat Facing America’s Critical Infrastructure
what-steps-can-uk-universities-take-to-prevent-a-data-breach1 page
What Steps Can UK Universities Take to Prevent a Data Breach?
the-cost-of-data-breaches-in-20191 page
The Cost of Data Breaches in 2019
why-financial-services-industry-is-seeing-an-increase-in-reported-data-breaches1 page
The Financial Services Industry is Seeing an Increase in Reported Data Breaches – Why?
todays-world-requires-shared-responsibility-for-data-security1 page
Today’s World Requires Shared Responsibility for Data Security
capital-one-data-breach-highlights-importance-of-data-centric-security1 page
Capital One Data Breach Highlights Importance of Data-Centric Security
how-will-decentralized-technologies-shape-the-future-of-data-security1 page
How Will Decentralized Technologies Shape the Future of Data Security?
how-to-overcome-the-skills-gap-in-healthcare-cybersecurity1 page
How to Overcome the Skills Gap in Healthcare Cybersecurity
what-are-the-latest-amendments-to-the-ccpa1 page
What Are the Latest Amendments to the CCPA?
how-to-detect-and-react-to-insider-threats-without-a-siem1 page
How to Detect and React to Insider Threats Without a SIEM
enforcing-hipaa-might-just-be-getting-easier1 page
Enforcing HIPAA Might Just Be Getting Easier
how-to-detect-a-data-breach-the-basics1 page
How to Detect a Data Breach: The Basics
what-is-a-security-analytics-platform1 page
What is a Security Analytics Platform?
cybersecurity-tips-for-education-institutions1 page
Cybersecurity Tips for Education Institutions
insiders-are-putting-patient-data-in-healthcare-technology-at-risk1 page
Insiders are Putting Patient Data in Healthcare Technology at Risk
how-does-data-classification-help-healthcare-providers-in-the-usa1 page
How Does Data Classification Help Healthcare Providers in the USA?
4-predictions-for-healthcare-data-security-in-20191 page
4 Predictions for Healthcare Data Security in 2019
9-out-of-10-healthcare-organizations-have-already-been-breached1 page
9 Out of 10 Healthcare Organizations Have Already Been Breached
how-uk-law-firms-can-better-protect-their-critical-assets1 page
How UK Law Firms Can Better Protect Their Critical Assets
sb-220-nevadas-new-privacy-law-and-how-it-compares-to-the-ccpa1 page
SB 220: Nevada’s New Privacy Law and How it Compares to the CCPA
5-ways-to-improve-sharepoint-security1 page
5 Ways to Improve SharePoint Security
universities-need-to-do-more-to-protect-their-sensitive-data1 page
Universities Need to Do More to Protect Their Sensitive Data
the-biggest-cybersecurity-concerns-for-the-legal-sector1 page
The Biggest Cybersecurity Concerns for the Legal Sector
employee-mistakes-are-your-biggest-data-security-threat1 page
Employee Mistakes Are Your Biggest Data Security Threat
how-the-gdpr-can-benefit-organizations-in-the-usa1 page
How the GDPR Can Benefit Organizations in the USA
how-can-businesses-reduce-the-number-of-security-incidents-caused-by-human-error1 page
How Can Businesses Reduce the Number of Security Incidents Caused by Human Error?
have-the-data-breaches-in-q1-2019-taught-us-anything1 page
Have the Data Breaches in Q1 2019 Taught Us Anything?
gdpr-one-year-anniversary-what-have-we-learnt1 page
GDPR One Year Anniversary – What Have We Learned?
the-ins-and-outs-of-data-centric-security1 page
The Ins and Outs of Data-Centric Security
what-is-a-data-security-platform1 page
What is a Data Security Platform? Definition, Benefits and More
gdpr-subject-access-requests-why-are-companies-failing-to-respond1 page
GDPR Subject Access Requests: Why Are Companies Failing to Respond?
are-cisos-prepared-to-detect-cyber-security-breaches1 page
Are CISOs Prepared to Detect Cyber-Security Breaches?
how-cisos-are-adapting-to-meet-the-rising-threat-of-a-cyber-attack1 page
How CISOs are Adapting to Meet the Rising Threat of a Cyber-Attack
how-to-manage-network-share-permissions1 page
How to Manage Network Share Permissions
the-hipaa-security-rule-explained1 page
The HIPAA Security Rule Explained
financial-services-still-suffer-the-most-cyber-attacks1 page
Financial Services Still Suffer the Most Cyber Attacks
5-active-directory-changes-you-need-to-audit1 page
5 Active Directory Changes You Need to Audit
best-practices-for-active-directory-audit-logging1 page
Best Practices for Active Directory Audit Logging
does-hipaa-compliance-actually-help-protect-sensitive-data1 page
Does HIPAA Compliance Actually Help Protect Sensitive Data?
top-5-human-errors-that-could-lead-to-a-data-breach1 page
Top 5 Human Errors That Could Lead to a Data Breach
whats-the-difference-between-ccpa-and-gdpr1 page
California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) vs. GDPR: What’s the Difference?
businesses-not-able-to-recover-from-cyber-security-incidents-quickly-enough1 page
Businesses Not Able to Recover from Cyber-Security Incidents Quickly Enough
what-is-data-privacy-and-how-to-improve-it1 page
What is Data Privacy and How to Improve it
is-gdpr-working-rise-in-reported-data-breaches-suggests-so1 page
Is GDPR Working? Rise in Reported Data Breaches Suggests So
why-data-security-should-start-from-the-inside-out-and-how-to-do-it1 page
Why Data Security Should Start from the Inside Out (and How to Do It)
are-organizations-failing-when-it-comes-to-the-principle-of-least-privilege-polp1 page
Are Organizations Failing When It Comes to the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP)?
privileged-access-management-pam-where-to-start1 page
Privileged Access Management (PAM): Where to Start
how-ueba-helps-detect-advanced-threats1 page
How UEBA Helps Detect Advanced Threats
healthcare-reports-highest-number-of-data-breaches-according-to-new-study1 page
Healthcare Reports Highest Number of Data Breaches According to New Study
what-is-an-advanced-persistent-threat-and-how-to-defend-against-it1 page
What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and How to Defend Against It
what-are-intrusion-prevention-systems-and-can-they-protect-your-network-from-attacks1 page
What Are Intrusion Prevention Systems and Can They Protect Your Network from Attacks?
why-arent-consumers-angrier-about-data-breaches1 page
Why Aren’t Consumers Angrier About Data Breaches?
marriott-data-breach-all-you-need-to-know1 page
The Marriott Data Breach: All You Need to Know
singhealth-singapores-worst-cyber-attack-so-far1 page
SingHealth: Singapore’s Worst Cyber-Attack So Far
why-it-is-important-to-keep-an-eye-on-your-office-365-administrators1 page
Why It Is Important to Keep an Eye on Your Office 365 Administrators
benefits-of-achieving-pci-compliance1 page
Benefits of Achieving PCI Compliance
what-to-audit-in-active-directory-to-meet-hipaa-compliance1 page
What to Audit in Active Directory to Meet HIPAA Compliance
out-of-control-domain-administrators1 page
Out of Control: Domain Administrators
employee-negligence-is-biggest-cyber-security-threat-to-us-companies1 page
Employee Negligence is Biggest Cyber Security Threat to US Companies
timehop-breach-reminder-of-the-importance-of-password-security1 page
Timehop Breach: Reminder of the Importance of Password Security
what-part-does-data-access-governance-play-in-securing-unstructured-data1 page
What Part Does Data Access Governance Play in Securing Unstructured Data?
lepideauditor-a-brief-comparison-to-native-office-365-auditing1 page
LepideAuditor: A Brief Comparison to Native Office 365 Auditing
why-it-is-important-to-know-where-your-data-flows1 page
Why it is Important to Know Where Your Data Flows
new-uk-government-cyber-security-standards-provide-framework-for-others-to-follow1 page
New UK Government Cyber Security Standards
the-difference-between-windows-active-directory-and-azure-ad1 page
The Difference Between Windows Active Directory and Azure AD
lessons-learned-from-the-dixons-carphone-gdpr-breach1 page
Dixons Carphone: Lessons from the First High Profile GDPR Data Breach
hipaa-the-difference-between-the-privacy-and-security-rules1 page
HIPAA: The Difference Between the Privacy and Security Rules
how-active-directory-is-evolving-in-20181 page
How Active Directory is Evolving in 2018
why-you-simply-cannot-ignore-insider-threats-anymore1 page
Why You Simply Cannot Ignore Insider Threats Anymore
top-10-signs-that-your-system-has-been-compromised1 page
Top 10 Signs That Your System Has Been Compromised
5-phishing-techniques-to-watch-out-for-in-20181 page
5 Phishing Techniques to Watch Out for in 2018
7-reasons-why-healthcare-is-a-prime-target-for-cyber-criminals1 page
7 Reasons Why Healthcare Is A Prime Target for Cyber Criminals
4-ways-to-measure-your-cyber-security-effectiveness1 page
4 Ways to Measure Your Cyber-Security Effectiveness
why-native-auditing-fails-when-it-comes-to-group-policy-auditing1 page
Why Native Auditing Fails When It Comes to Group Policy Auditing
times-almost-up-are-you-ready-for-gdpr1 page
Time’s Almost Up – Are You Ready For GDPR?
healthcare-public-administration-still-plagued-by-insider-threats1 page
Healthcare & Public Administration Still Plagued by Insider Threats
14-mistakes-companies-make-in-preparation-for-gdpr1 page
14 Mistakes Companies Make in Preparation for GDPR
the-puzzling-mathematics-of-white-space-in-exchange-database1 page
The Puzzling Mathematics of ‘White Space’ in Exchange Database
does-compliance-have-a-bad-reputation1 page
Does Compliance Have a Bad Reputation?
ransomware-should-you-pay-the-ransom1 page
Ransomware: Should you Pay the Ransom?
how-you-can-improve-data-integrity-in-3-easy-steps1 page
What is Data Integrity and How do Reduce Data Integrity Risk
understanding-internal-controls-in-the-finance-industry1 page
Understanding Internal Controls in the Finance Industry
nine-ways-to-address-ransomware-attacks-in-todays-security-landscape1 page
9 Ways to Address Ransomware Attacks in Today’s Security Landscape
gdpr-compliance-and-data-protection-what-you-need-to-know1 page
GDPR Compliance and Data Protection: What You Need to Know
how-can-financial-services-sector-be-protected-from-cyber-crime1 page
How can Financial Services Protect Themselves from Cybercrime
how-important-are-global-threat-intelligence-services-to-your-defense-strategy1 page
How Important are Global Threat Intelligence Services to your Defense Strategy
gdpr-compliance-your-questions-answered1 page
GDPR Compliance: Your Questions Answered
ransomware-in-2018-will-it-be-worse-than-20171 page
Ransomware in 2018: Will it be worse than 2017?
why-active-directory-logon-controls-simply-arent-enough1 page
Why Active Directory Logon Controls Simply Aren’t Enough
a-closer-look-at-insider-threats-in-the-financial-sector1 page
A Closer Look at Insider Threats in the Financial Sector
privileged-access-management-six-ways-it-fails-and-how-to-deal-with-it1 page
Privileged Access Management: 6 Ways it Fails and How to Deal With it
five-security-principles-to-prevent-data-breaches-immediately1 page
Five Security Principles to Prevent Data Breaches Immediately
seven-ways-to-secure-critical-data-in-the-government-sector1 page
7 Ways to Secure Critical Data in the Government Sector
the-top-five-mistakes-executives-make-following-a-data-breach1 page
The Top 5 Mistakes Executives Make Following a Data Breach
gdpr-and-hipaa-what-are-the-key-differences1 page
GDPR and HIPAA: What are the key differences?
the-role-of-hipaa-compliance-in-the-protection-of-patient-data1 page
The Role of HIPAA Compliance in the Protection of Patient Data
nine-ways-to-prevent-ex-employees-from-compromising-it-security1 page
Nine ways to Prevent Ex-employees from Compromising IT security
why-real-time-data-monitoring-is-essential-in-preventing-security-threats1 page
Why Real-Time Data Monitoring is Essential in Preventing Security Threats
top-10-ways-to-secure-your-file-servers1 page
Top 10 Ways to Secure Your File Servers
the-pros-and-cons-of-being-a-system-administrator1 page
The Pros and Cons of Being a System Administrator
why-you-need-to-audit-privileged-access-in-active-directory1 page
Why You Need to Audit Privileged Access in Active Directory
how-lepideauditor-addresses-compliance-in-the-finance-sector1 page
How LepideAuditor Addresses Compliance in the Finance Sector
ten-ways-to-prevent-network-security-breaches-in-the-workplace1 page
10 Ways to Prevent Network Security Breaches in the Workplace
the-biggest-threat-to-your-it-security-employee-negligence1 page
The Biggest Threat to Your IT Security? Employee Negligence
what-do-we-know-about-bad-rabbit-and-what-can-businesses-do-to-protect-themselves1 page
What do We Know About “Bad Rabbit”, and What can Businesses do to Protect Themselves
how-will-the-new-data-protection-bill-affect-your-company1 page
How will the new Data Protection Bill affect your company
staying-compliant-with-the-gdpr-best-practices1 page
Staying Compliant with the GDPR: Best Practices
dpos-gdpr-frequently-asked-questions1 page
DPOs and GDPR: Frequently Asked Questions
gdpr-and-privacy-by-design1 page
GDPR And Privacy by Design
protecting-your-active-directory-permissions1 page
Protecting your Active Directory Permissions
understanding-windows-event-forwarding1 page
Understanding Windows Event Forwarding
the-qualities-you-need-to-be-a-good-system-administrator1 page
The Qualities You Need to be a Good System Administrator
data-breach-horror-stories-the-worst-breaches-of-2017-so-far1 page
Data Breach Horror Stories: The Worst Breaches of 2017 so far
nhs-ransomware-attack-could-have-been-avoided-says-the-national-audit-office1 page
NHS Ransomware Attack Could Have Been Avoided Says the National Audit Office
governance-risk-and-compliance-an-easy-solution-to-a-difficult-challenge1 page
Governance, Risk and Compliance: An Easy Solution to a Difficult Challenge
responding-to-events-that-indicate-ransomware-and-insider-threats1 page
Responding to Events that Indicate Ransomware, Insider Threats, and other Egregious Attacks
why-mastering-the-principle-of-least-privilege-is-essential1 page
Why Mastering the Principle of Least Privilege is Essential
6-ways-lepideauditor-helps-increase-security-in-the-healthcare-sector1 page
6 Ways LepideAuditor Helps Increase Security in the Healthcare Sector
what-can-hospitals-do-to-protect-themselves-from-cyber-attacks1 page
What can Hospitals do to Protect Themselves from Cyber-Attacks?
siem-vs-real-time-event-detection-and-reporting1 page
SIEM vs Real-time Event Detection and Reporting
the-importance-of-separating-duties-and-auditing-critical-changes1 page
The Importance of Separating Duties and Auditing Critical Changes
how-will-the-new-uk-data-protection-laws-affect-your-business1 page
How will the new UK Data Protection Laws affect your Business?
5-ways-not-monitoring-group-policy-changes-can-lead-to-disaster1 page
5 Ways not Monitoring Group Policy Changes can Lead to Disaster
smbs-and-cost-effective-data-protection1 page
SMBs and Cost Effective Data Protection
10-things-to-look-for-in-a-file-auditing-solution1 page
The Top 10 Things to Look for in a File Auditing Solution
10-tips-for-securing-windows-file-servers1 page
10 Tips for Securing Windows File Servers
3-ways-to-help-stop-data-leakage-in-your-organisation1 page
3 Ways to Help Stop Data Leakage in Your Organisation
securing-domain-controllers-by-auditing-active-directory1 page
Securing Domain Controllers by Auditing Active Directory
healthcare-breaches-is-there-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel1 page
Healthcare Breaches – Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
8-different-methods-to-identify-privileged-users1 page
8 Methods to Identify Privileged Users
is-pro-activity-the-best-way-to-deal-with-insider-threats1 page
Is pro-activity the best way to deal with insider threats?
the-number-of-data-breaches-are-increasing-at-record-pace1 page
The Number of Data Breaches are Increasing at “Record Pace”, According to New Report
a-lesson-in-password-policy-and-it-security-from-peep-show1 page
A Lesson in Password Policy and IT Security from Peep Show
10-steps-must-take-to-secure-active-directory1 page
10 Critical Steps All Companies Must Take to Secure Active Directory
4-ways-the-sweden-data-leak-could-have-been-avoided1 page
4 Ways the Sweden Data Leak Could Have Been Avoided
do-you-still-need-a-siem1 page
Do you still need a SIEM?
every-member-of-staff-has-a-role-to-play-in-protecting-company-data1 page
Every member of staff has a role to play in protecting company data
auditing-and-monitoring-of-active-directory-whats-the-difference1 page
Auditing and monitoring of Active Directory – what’s the difference?
how-to-detect-if-a-user-has-excessive-permissions-on-shared-folders1 page
How to Detect if a User has Excessive Permissions on Shared Folders
common-mistakes-employees-make-that-lead-to-data-leakage1 page
Common Mistakes Employees Make That Lead to Data Leakage
our-checklist-for-preventing-data-breaches1 page
Our Checklist for Preventing Data Breaches
reporting-on-historical-events-in-active-directory1 page
Reporting on historical events in Active Directory made easy
file-server-auditing-made-easy1 page
File Server auditing made easy
survey-finds-many-organizations-are-at-risk-from-insider-threats1 page
Survey finds many organizations are at risk from insider threats
how-to-perform-non-owner-mailbox-access-auditing-in-exchange-20161 page
How to audit non-owner mailbox access in Exchange 2016
18-things-it-auditors-need-to-know1 page
18 Things IT Auditors Need to Know
270000-customers-may-be-affected-by-wonga-data-breach1 page
270,000 customers may be affected by Wonga data breach
it-auditing-and-configuration-drift1 page
IT Auditing and Configuration Drift
nine-tips-on-preparing-for-and-passing-your-next-it-audit1 page
Nine Tips on Preparing For and Passing Your Next IT Audit
protect-active-directory-against-security-configuration-drift1 page
Protecting Your Active Directory Against Security Configuration Drift
file-server-auditing-as-a-tool-for-ensuring-compliance1 page
File Server Auditing as a Tool for Ensuring Compliance
protect-privileged-credentials-using-windows-server-2016-pam1 page
Protecting Privileged Credentials Using Windows Server 2016 PAM
pci-compliance-for-active-directory-administrators1 page
PCI Compliance for Active Directory Administrators
improve-file-server-security-using-abe1 page
Improve File Server Security Using Access-Based Enumeration (ABE)
cia-triad-the-basic-principals-of-data-security1 page
CIA triad – The Basic Principals of Data Security
do-you-really-need-a-dpo1 page
Do you really need a DPO?
heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-gdpr-including-how-it-will-be-affected-by-brexit1 page
Here’s What You Need to Know About GDPR – Including How It Will Be Affected by Brexit
the-state-of-it-auditing-today1 page
The state of IT auditing today
it-security-roundup-july-august-20161 page
IT Security Roundup – July/August 2016
track-of-file-folder-access-modification-and-location1 page
How to keep track of file/folder access, modification and location
auditing-things-all-it-departments-need-to-know1 page
Things all IT departments need to know about IT auditing
hipaa-compliance-how-to-avoid-getting-caught-out1 page
HIPAA Compliance – how to avoid getting caught out
how-to-perform-current-permission-analysis-with-file-server-auditor1 page
How to perform current permission analysis with File Server Auditor
what-to-look-for-when-choosing-the-right-active-directory-auditing-solution1 page
What to look for when choosing the right Active Directory auditing solution
insider-security-threats-common-mistakes-organizations-make-and-how-to-avoid-them1 page
Insider security threats: common mistakes organizations make and how to avoid them
what-we-learnt-at-infosec-20161 page
What we learnt at InfoSec 2016
security-and-the-need-for-user-account-auditing1 page
Security and the need for user account auditing
who-what-when-and-where-auditing-your-it-systems1 page
Who, What, When, and Where – the things you need to know when auditing your IT environment
top-10-audit-reports-for-it-teams1 page
Top 10 Audit Reports for IT Teams
identify-server-files-have-been-deleted1 page
Best Practices for Auditing and Monitoring File/Folder Level Activities
why-dont-gartner-do-a-quadrant-for-it-auditing1 page
Why don’t Gartner do a quadrant for IT auditing?
9-critical-flaws-in-auditing-active-directory-natively1 page
9 critical flaws in auditing Active Directory natively
to-audit-or-not-to-audit-that-is-the-question1 page
To audit or not to audit… that is the question
how-ad-inactive-accounts-harm-security1 page
Do inactive accounts harm the Active Directory network security?
does-forcing-users-to-change-passwords-more-frequently-really-amount-to-increased-security1 page
Does forcing users to change passwords more frequently really amount to increased security?
active-directory-security-tips1 page
Real world practical tips to make Active Directory security a sure thing
securing-domain-controllers-to-protect-active-directory-why-and-how1 page
Securing Domain Controllers to Protect Active Directory – Why and How?
how-to-come-up-with-a-better-password-management-system1 page
How to come up with a Better Password Management System
how-to-securely-use-a-self-service-password-reset-solution1 page
Best Practice: How to Securely Use a Self-Service Password Reset Solution
is-windows-azure-active-directory-for-you1 page
Is Windows Azure Active Directory for You?
new-compliance-regulations-and-their-implications-on-your-business1 page
New Compliance Regulations and their Implications on Your Business
protecting-credit-card-data-should-be-a-top-priority1 page
Protecting Credit Card Data Should be a Top Priority
why-you-need-centralized-event-log-management1 page
Why you need centralized event log management
how-event-log-monitoring-programs-work1 page
How Event Log monitoring programs work
what-is-the-zero-trust-model-of-security-and-why-is-it-important1 page
What is the Zero Trust Model of Security and Why is it Important?
understanding-the-hipaa-minimum-necessary-standard1 page
Understanding the HIPAA Minimum Necessary Standard
what-is-an-information-security-policy1 page
What Is An Information Security Policy?
how-cisos-can-manage-time-better-translating-functionality-streamlining-workflows1 page
How CISOs Can Manage Time Better – Translating Functionality & Streamlining Workflows
ransomware-predictions-for-20211 page
Ransomware Predictions for 2021
six-simple-ways-to-ensure-data-access-governance-for-file-server1 page
6 Simple Ways to Ensure Data Access Governance for File Server
overcoming-the-limitations-of-siem-solutions-with-lepide1 page
Overcoming the Limitations of SIEM Solutions with Lepide
how-to-choose-the-right-data-security-solution1 page
How to Choose the Right Data Security Solution
what-is-data-sprawl-and-how-do-you-manage-it1 page
What is Data Sprawl and How do You Manage It?
password-complexity-vs-length1 page
Password Complexity vs Length
effectively-manage-network-wide-event-collection-and-auto-correlation1 page
Effectively manage Network wide event collection and auto-correlation
remove-log-size-restrictions-with-lelm1 page
Remove log size restrictions with LELM
event-log-management-script-tools-vs-standalone-utilities1 page
Event log management script tools Vs standalone utilities
event-log-monitoring1 page
Event Log Monitoring
how-securing-data-access-across-windows-servers-help-organizations-to-better-manage-their-shared-data1 page
How securing data access across Windows Servers help organizations to better manage their shared data
dynamic-access-control-for-file-server-21 page
Dynamic Access Control for File Server – Part 2
dynamic-access-control-for-file-server-11 page
Dynamic Access Control for File Server – Part 1
can-third-party-windows-server-auditors-work-on-android-platform1 page
Can Third Party Windows Server Auditors Work on Android Platform?
prerequisites-for-hassle-free-file-server-auditing1 page
Prerequisites for hassle-free File Server Auditing
are-it-and-efficiency-mutually-exclusive1 page
Are IT and Efficiency Mutually Exclusive?
internet-of-things-part-21 page
Moving towards a Smarter Internet: Internet of Things Part II (Present, Challenges & Opportunities)
internet-of-things-part-11 page
Moving towards a Smarter Internet: Internet of Things Part I (Present, Challenges, Threats & Opportunities)
analyzing-organizational-cyberspace-security-sony-hack1 page
Analyzing Organizational Cyberspace Security in the Awakening of Sony Hack
forecasting-technology-trends-20151 page
Forecasting Technology Trends 2015: Stand up and Take Notice!
10-statements-to-ruin-your-day1 page
10 statements to ruin your day
death-of-a-salesman1 page
Death of a salesman
the-panama-papers-what-we-know-so-far1 page
The Panama Papers – What we know so far
can-ex-employees-sabotage-your-it-assets-at-their-will1 page
Can ex-employees sabotage your IT assets at their will?
security-vs-trust1 page
Security vs. Trust – It’s all about Behavior
ashley-madison-data-leak-what-are-the-lessons1 page
Ashley Madison data leak – What are the lessons?
minimalize-the-risk-and-protect-yourself-from-thwarting-cyber-attacks1 page
Minimalize the risk and protect yourself from thwarting cyber-attacks
ten-it-admin-mistakes-that-can-be-expensive-on-security-and-productivity-fronts1 page
Ten IT admin mistakes that can be expensive on security and productivity fronts
administration-duties-for-improved-security-and-change-control1 page
3 Ways to Separate Administration Duties for Improved Security and Change Control
failure-to-secure-end-user-devices-leaves-servers-and-data-at-risk1 page
Failure to Secure End-User Devices Leaves Servers and Data at Risk
bring-sql-server-management-studio-on-mobile1 page
A Thought to Bring the SQL Server Management Studio on Mobile
manage-stored-sql-mdf-files-and-improve-sql-server-performance1 page
Manage stored SQL MDF files and improve SQL server performance
enhance-sql-database-performance-with-sql-storage-manager1 page
Enhance SQL database performance with SQL storage manager
tips-for-surviving-an-it-audit1 page
Tips for Surviving an IT Audit
auditing-account-management-and-directory-service-access1 page
Auditing Account Management and Directory Service Access in Windows Server 2012
stay-safe-of-security-risks-this-holiday-season1 page
Stay safe of security risks this holiday season
ad-user-management-with-powershell1 page
Active Directory User Management using Windows PowerShell
common-mistakes-by-admins-in-log-analysis1 page
Common mistakes made by Admins during log analysis
manage-password-expiration-in-active-directory1 page
An effective way to manage password expiration in Active Directory
audit-sql-server-for-advanced-server-performance1 page
Audit SQL Server for restraining data threats and experience advanced server performance
factors-to-be-considered-while-performing-an-active-directory-security-audit1 page
Factors to be considered while performing an active directory security audit
use-active-directory-self-service-to-meet-ad-challenges1 page
Use Active Directory self service to meet AD challenges
ad-management-complexities-and-need-of-self-service-facility1 page
AD management complexities and need of self service facility
get-over-identity-management-obstacles-with-ad-self-service1 page
Get over Identity Management obstacles with AD Self Service
how-adss-is-important-to-increase-organizations-productivity1 page
How ADSS is important to increase organizations productivity
active-directory-user-rights-management1 page
Active Directory User rights management
self-service-applications-for-active-directory1 page
Self service applications for Active Directory
end-user-self-service-through-scsm-portal-but-is-it-enough1 page
End user self service through SCSM portal- But is it enough?
how-do-siem-solutions-help-mitigate-advanced-persistent-threats-apt1 page
How do SIEM Solutions Help Mitigate Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)?
the-future-of-data-protection-in-the-uk1 page
The Future of Data Protection in the UK
prevent-petya-and-other-ransomware-attacks-by-disabling-smbv11 page
Prevent Petya and other Ransomware attacks by disabling SMBv1
remove-users-admin-rights-to-prevent-insider-hacks1 page
Remove Admin Rights from Users to Prevent Insider Hacks
businesses-are-failing-to-report-their-most-disruptive-data-breaches1 page
Businesses are Failing to Report Their Most Disruptive Data Breaches
3-things-the-deloitte-breach-can-teach-you-about-mastering-it-security1 page
3 Things the Deloitte Breach Can Teach You About Mastering IT Security
insider-threats-5-ways-protect-and-secure-sensitive-data1 page
Insider Threats: 5 Ways your Company Can Protect and Secure Sensitive Data
the-importance-of-data-classification1 page
The Importance of Data Classification
why-choose-lepideauditor-over-native-auditing-for-it-security-and-compliance1 page
Improving IT Security and Compliance: LepideAuditor vs Native Auditing
why-automated-response-is-critical-to-it-security1 page
Why Automated Response is Critical to IT Security and how Lepide helps
top-10-risks-to-active-directory-security1 page
Top 10 Risks to Active Directory Security
gearing-up-to-fight-ransomware-attacks1 page
Gearing up to Fight Ransomware Attacks
how-lepideauditor-overcomes-the-limitations-of-auditing-office-365-natively1 page
How LepideAuditor Overcomes the Limitations of Auditing Office 365 Natively
overcoming-common-visibility-issues-with-exchange-server-auditing1 page
Overcoming Common Visibility Issues with Exchange Server Auditing
cyber-security-awareness-checklist-for-financial-institutions1 page
Cyber Security Awareness Checklist for Financial Institutions
what-steps-can-law-firms-take-to-protect-their-confidential-data1 page
What Steps can Law Firms take to Protect their Confidential Data?
uber-uncool-do-we-really-know-how-many-data-breaches-there-are1 page
Uber-Uncool: Do We Really Know How Many Data Breaches There Are?
privileged-users-growing-threat-to-your-it-security1 page
A Growing Threat to your IT Security: Privileged Users
how-to-use-active-directory-services-to-meet-security-and-compliance-requirements1 page
How to use Active Directory Services to Meet Security and Compliance Requirements
improving-security-and-compliance-ten-common-active-directory-mistakes1 page
Improving Security and Compliance: 10 Common Active Directory Mistakes
how-lepideauditor-helps-increase-security-in-the-education-sector1 page
How LepideAuditor Helps Increase Security in the Education Sector
how-will-the-gdpr-affect-companies-in-the-usa1 page
How will the GDPR Affect Companies in the USA
ten-ways-to-improve-data-security1 page
10 Ways to Improve Data Security
eight-technologies-financial-institutions-should-be-aware-of1 page
8 Technologies Financial Institutions Should Be Aware Of
insider-threats-in-healthcare-280000-medicaid-patient-records-hacked1 page
Insider Threats in Healthcare: 280,000 Medicaid Patient Records Hacked
ten-predictions-for-it-security-in-20181 page
10 Predictions for IT Security in 2018
how-can-financial-institutions-prevent-and-recover-from-a-data-breach1 page
How can Financial Institutions Prevent and Recover from a Data Breach
how-can-educational-institutions-respond-to-the-growing-threat-of-a-cyber-attack1 page
How can Educational Institutions Respond to the Growing Threat of a Cyber-Attack?
the-10-biggest-data-security-problems-in-the-healthcare-industry1 page
The 10 Biggest Data Security Problems in the Healthcare Industry
pci-3-2-best-practices-will-soon-be-mandatory-prepare-yourself-for-february-1st-20181 page
PCI 3.2 Best Practices Will Soon Be Mandatory: Prepare yourself for February 1st 2018
how-would-your-organization-fare-if-faced-with-this-data-security-issue1 page
How Would Your Organization Fare if Faced with This Data Security Issue?
have-you-left-it-unlocked-with-the-keys-in1 page
Have You Left It Unlocked with The Keys In?
improve-file-server-security-by-delegating-outside-of-the-it-department1 page
Improve File Server Security by Delegating Outside of the IT Department
4-steps-to-securing-unstructured-data-for-compliance1 page
4 Steps to Securing Unstructured Data for Compliance
sears-and-delta-breaches-reinforce-need-for-pci-dss-compliance1 page
Sears and Delta Breaches Reinforce Need for PCI DSS Compliance
data-protection-officers-and-gdpr-what-you-need-to-know1 page
Data Protection Officers and GDPR: What You Need to Know
what-gdpr-really-means-for-banks-and-finance-houses1 page
What GDPR Really Means for Banks and Finance Houses
how-automated-compliance-reports-can-help-mitigate-risk-of-non-compliance1 page
How Automated Compliance Reports Can Help Mitigate Risk of Non-Compliance
the-ico-prepare-to-run-gdpr-campaign-aimed-at-consumers1 page
The ICO Prepare to Run GDPR Campaign Aimed at Consumers
the-importance-of-a-capable-compliance-manager1 page
The Importance of a Capable Compliance Manager
the-threat-of-unstructured-data1 page
The Threat of Unstructured Data
why-you-need-to-audit-privileged-accounts-in-active-directory1 page
Why you Need to Audit Privileged Accounts in Active Directory
most-companies-think-their-active-directory-is-secure-until-they-talk-to-us1 page
Most Companies Think Their Active Directory is Secure Until They Talk to Us
poor-visibility-and-weak-passwords-are-putting-active-directory-at-risk1 page
Poor Visibility and Weak Passwords are Putting Active Directory at Risk
how-auditing-access-rights-and-changes-strengthen-security1 page
How Auditing Access Rights, States and Changes Helps Strengthen Security
how-to-ensure-your-active-directory-is-secure1 page
How to Ensure Your Active Directory is Secure
do-you-need-an-active-directory-auditing-tool1 page
Do You Need An Active Directory Auditing Tool?
how-to-manage-privileged-users-for-better-security-and-compliance1 page
How to Manage Privileged Users for Better Security and Compliance
how-to-prevent-data-breaches-in-the-healthcare-sector1 page
How to Prevent Data Breaches in the Healthcare Sector
why-auditing-permissions-is-an-essential-part-of-your-it-security-plan1 page
Why Auditing Permissions is an Essential Part of Your IT Security Plan
the-problem-of-privilege-management-in-data-security1 page
The Problem of Privilege Management in Data Security
when-is-a-data-breach-really-considered-a-data-breach-in-the-usa1 page
When is a Data Breach Really Considered a Data Breach in the USA?
external-attacks-vs-insider-threats-where-should-your-security-budget-go1 page
External Attacks VS Insider Threats: Where Should Your Security Budget Go?
automation-is-the-only-way-to-address-the-cyber-security-skills-shortage1 page
Automation is the Only Way to Address the Cyber-Security Skills Shortage
the-greatest-mobile-security-threats-facing-enterprises1 page
The Greatest Mobile Security Threats Facing Enterprises
governments-now-using-have-i-been-pwned-to-check-data-breach-status1 page
Governments Now Using “Have I Been Pwned” to Check Data Breach Status
what-we-can-learn-from-the-atlanta-ransomware-attack1 page
What We Can Learn from the Atlanta Ransomware Attack
ransomware-attacks-in-the-healthcare-sector1 page
Ransomware Attacks in the Healthcare Sector
four-things-you-should-know-about-it-risk-assessments1 page
4 Things You Should Know About IT Risk Assessments
gdpr-warning-ico-issues-record-fines-in-january1 page
GDPR Warning: ICO Issues Record Fines in January
how-to-be-compliant-in-20181 page
How to Be Compliant in 2018
why-it-security-is-inside-out1 page
Why IT Security Is Inside Out
the-myth-of-ransomware-prevention-solutions1 page
The Myth of Ransomware Prevention Solutions
how-the-nist-framework-helps-improve-data-security1 page
How the NIST Framework Helps Improve Data Security
5-forgotten-cybersecurity-best-practices1 page
5 Forgotten Cybersecurity Best Practices
have-you-forgotten-about-your-sox-compliance-audit1 page
Have you Forgotten About your SOX Compliance Audit?
gdpr-are-companies-concerned-about-the-consequence-of-non-compliance1 page
GDPR: Are Companies Concerned About the Consequence of Non-Compliance?
local-authorities-need-to-start-preparing-for-the-gdpr1 page
Local Authorities Need to Start Preparing for the GDPR
how-lepide-helps-implement-the-principle-of-least-privilege1 page
How Lepide helps implement the Principle of Least Privilege
cyber-security-best-practices-employee-training-techniques-that-stick1 page
Cyber-Security Best Practices: Employee Training Techniques That Stick
gdpr-likely-to-hit-mid-market-organizations-the-hardest1 page
GDPR Likely to Hit Mid-Market Organizations the Hardest
reporting-a-breach-under-the-gdpr1 page
Reporting a Breach Under the GDPR
tesla-security-breach-highlights-lack-of-insider-monitoring1 page
Tesla Security Breach Highlights Lack of Insider Monitoring
security-policies-cisos-must-implement1 page
Security Policies CISOs Must Implement
password-policy-best-practices-our-suggestions1 page
Password Policy Best Practices – Our Suggestions
what-cisos-can-learn-from-the-yahoo-data-breach-fine1 page
What CISOs Can Learn from the Yahoo Data Breach Fine
the-danger-of-delayed-threat-detection-and-how-to-prevent-it1 page
The Danger of Delayed Threat Detection and How to Prevent it
5-steps-for-developing-a-successful-data-access-governance-dag-program1 page
5 Steps for Developing a Successful Data Access Governance (DAG) Program
5-ways-ransomware-is-changing-in-20181 page
5 Ways Ransomware is Changing in 2018
how-will-a-cyber-attack-impact-your-business1 page
How Will A Cyber-Attack Impact Your Business?
how-can-we-prevent-employees-violating-security-policies1 page
How Can We Prevent Employees Violating Security Policies?
how-does-privilege-separation-improve-it-security1 page
How Does Privilege Separation Improve IT Security?
aggregating-auditing-data-from-multiple-cloud-services-using-a-dcap-solution1 page
Aggregating & Auditing Data from Multiple Cloud Services Using a DCAP Solution
how-enterprises-are-making-use-of-user-entity-behavior-analytics-ueba1 page
How Enterprises are Making Use of User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
why-now-is-the-time-for-a-data-centric-security-strategy1 page
Why Now is the Time for a Data-Centric Security Strategy
do-disabled-and-deleted-accounts-in-sharepoint-create-a-security-risk1 page
Do Disabled and Deleted Accounts in SharePoint Create a Security Risk?
why-active-directory-is-the-main-target-of-insider-cyber-attacks1 page
Why Active Directory is the Main Target of Insider Cyber-Attacks
how-office-365-audit-logging-can-improve-your-security1 page
How Office 365 Audit Logging Can Improve Your Security
is-gdpr-working-to-increase-data-security1 page
Is GDPR Working to Increase Data Security?
how-to-prevent-employee-data-theft1 page
How to Prevent Employee Data Theft
3-reasons-why-cybersecurity-in-non-profit-organizations-is-so-important1 page
3 Reasons Why Cybersecurity in Non-profit Organizations is so Important
4-security-automation-tips-for-your-business1 page
4 Security Automation Tips for Your Business
what-are-phishing-attacks-and-how-do-they-happen1 page
What Are Phishing Attacks and How do They Happen?
3-ways-data-discovery-and-classification-improves-data-security1 page
3 Ways Data Discovery and Classification Improves Data Security
why-cybersecurity-security-isnt-just-an-it-problem1 page
Why Cybersecurity Security Isn’t Just an IT Problem
college-campuses-are-a-breeding-ground-for-insider-threats1 page
College Campuses are a Breeding Ground for Insider Threats
preventing-cyber-attacks-during-the-midterm-elections1 page
Preventing Cyber-Attacks During the Midterm Elections
why-dont-we-secure-our-data-in-the-same-way-that-we-secure-our-money1 page
Why Don’t We Secure Our Data in the Same Way That We Secure Our Money?
what-healthcare-organizations-have-to-say-about-information-security1 page
What Healthcare Organizations Have to Say About Information Security
how-not-to-handle-a-data-breach-with-examples1 page
How NOT to Handle a Data Breach (With Examples)
automation-is-the-key-to-effective-cybersecurity1 page
Automation is the Key to Effective Cybersecurity
what-is-shaping-the-bleak-healthcare-cyber-security-landscape1 page
What Is Shaping the Bleak Healthcare Cyber-Security Landscape?
why-privileged-accounts-are-a-gateway-to-cyber-attacks1 page
Why Privileged Accounts Are A Gateway to Cyber Attacks
5-ways-to-secure-electronic-health-records1 page
5 Ways to Secure Electronic Health Records
why-education-institutions-need-to-pay-attention-to-insider-threats1 page
Why Education Institutions Need to Pay Attention to Insider Threats
reddit-is-sms-based-authentication-really-secure1 page
Reddit: Is SMS-Based Authentication Really Secure?
most-healthcare-organizations-cant-recover-from-data-breaches1 page
Most Healthcare Organizations Can’t Recover from Data Breaches
5-common-myths-about-insider-threats1 page
5 Common Myths About Insider Threats
detect-a-data-breach-questions-that-need-to-be-asked1 page
Detect a Data Breach – Questions That Need to be Asked
3-ways-monitoring-exchange-online-improves-security1 page
3 Ways Monitoring Exchange Online Improves Security
what-is-a-brute-force-attack-the-complete-guide1 page
What is a Brute Force Attack? The Complete Guide
how-cisos-can-talk-to-the-rest-of-the-board-about-data-security1 page
How CISOs Can Talk to the Rest of the Board About Data Security
gdpr-questions-what-is-the-right-to-be-forgotten1 page
GDPR Questions: What is the Right to be Forgotten?
12-tips-for-protecting-phi1 page
12 Tips for Protecting PHI
how-hipaa-affects-the-newest-healthcare-trends1 page
How HIPAA Affects the Newest Healthcare Trends
8-key-data-security-trends-to-watch-out-for-in-20191 page
8 Key Data Security Trends to Watch Out For in 2019
secure-active-directory-nine-simple-steps1 page
Secure Active Directory in 9 Simple Steps
gdpr-privacy-obligations-for-controllers-and-processors1 page
GDPR Privacy Obligations for Controllers and Processors
common-cybersecurity-vulnerabilities-to-address1 page
Common Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities to Address
cyber-crime-is-one-of-the-greatest-risks-facing-the-world-today1 page
Cyber-Crime is One of the Greatest Risks Facing the World Today
the-rise-of-the-chief-data-officer1 page
The Rise of the Chief Data Officer
how-to-secure-your-data-when-working-with-remote-teams1 page
How to Secure Your Data When Working with Remote Teams
information-security-risk-management-how-to-get-it-right1 page
Information Security Risk Management: How to Get it Right
focusing-solely-on-regulatory-compliance-could-make-your-data-less-secure1 page
Focusing Solely on Regulatory Compliance Could Make Your Data Less Secure
why-humans-are-still-an-important-part-of-the-cybersecurity-strategy1 page
Why Humans Are Still an Important Part of the Cybersecurity Strategy
we-cant-comply-with-the-gdpr-if-we-cant-manage-our-unstructured-data1 page
We Can’t Comply with the GDPR if We Can’t Manage Our Unstructured Data
3-massive-data-breaches-in-2018-and-how-they-could-have-been-avoided1 page
3 Massive Data Breaches in 2018 and How They Could Have Been Avoided
how-enterprises-can-protect-their-data-from-insider-threats1 page
How Enterprises Can Protect Their Data from Insider Threats
could-a-cyber-attack-be-the-cause-of-the-next-financial-crisis1 page
Could a Cyber-Attack Be the Cause of The Next Financial Crisis?
insider-threats-dont-apply-to-me-do-they1 page
Insider Threats Don’t Apply to Me…Do They?
5-assumptions-cisos-make-that-may-threaten-data-security1 page
5 Assumptions CISOs Make That May Threaten Data Security
why-most-organizations-still-not-gdpr-compliant1 page
Most Organizations Still Not GDPR Compliant – Here’s Why
why-group-policy-auditing-is-important1 page
Why Group Policy Auditing is Important
visibility-over-data-means-better-security-a-summary-of-infosecurity-europe-20191 page
Visibility Over Data Means Better Security – A Summary of InfoSecurity Europe 2019
6-tips-to-help-remote-workers-protect-their-data 1 page
6 Tips to Help Remote Workers Protect Their Data
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