Find Out What Your Data Is Really Worth with Lepide Data Security Platform 20.1

Lepide introduced version 20.1 of the Lepide Data Security Platform, expanding and improving on their current data classification functionality.

One of the most exciting new additions to the solution comes in the form of applying a monetary value to the data as it is discovered and classified. As data is classified, admins using the Lepide Data Security Platform can determine what the content of any particular file is and how much it is worth, so that security strategies can be focused on the files that pose the biggest potential loss to the organization.

In addition to this, Lepide have expanded their number of covered platforms for their Data Classification solution to include OneDrive. A number of additional regexes have been added to improve the scope of classification and categorization.

Other changes to the solution include the ability to generate real time alerts whenever sensitive files are sent on Exchange, the ability to audit non-owner mailbox access on Exchange Online and the ability to report on all environment changes.

NOTE – Concurrent with the release of Lepide Data Security Platform 20.1, Lepide have made the move to encompass all aspects of LepideAuditor with the new platform. If you’re looking for LepideAuditor from today, you will find what you’re looking for within the Lepide Data Security Platform. For more information on why this change was made, click here.