Lepide Data Security Platform 20.2 – Improve the Security of Microsoft Teams

Organizations all over the world have been adopting Microsoft Teams to help smooth the transition towards remote working. Whilst Teams has enabled organizations to streamline collaboration and sharing across departments and functions, it brings with it significant security concerns.

With Lepide, you can now understand just how your users are behaving whilst they use Microsoft Teams, including when sessions are started, when new teams are created, when new channels are created and more. You can also, crucially, receive real time alerts whenever sensitive data is being shared via particular Teams channels or directly in chats. If the sharing of sensitive data in Teams causes permissions to escalate, you can identify and remediate these changes from within the solution.

In addition to the implementation of MS Teams security, the Lepide Data Security Platform now enables security teams to remediate unwanted permission changes without ever having to leave the platform. The solution can also suggest, based on intelligent data scanning and user behavior analytics, which of your users have unnecessary access to sensitive data, so that you can take action to help prevent insider threats.