Lepide Data Security Platform 21.2 Introduces a Brand New Web Interface for Reports

The last few years have been challenging for many organizations, as the pandemic forced changes in infrastructure and working patterns, and a myriad of new security threats emerged. At Lepide, we understand that many companies face significant challenges with visibility over the security of their sensitive data. With Lepide Data Security Platform 21.2, we are taking the next step towards providing that complete customizable visibility.

The Lepide Data Security Platform now has a completely customizable web interface from which users can generate any number of pre-defined reports instantly, as well as edit, customize or create reports from scratch. Reports can be combined into custom dashboards so that you can access the most important information to you, all from a single web page.

The web interface is the first step towards a fully SaaS version of the Lepide Data Security Platform, with the objective of making enterprise-level data-centric security more accessible for the wider market.

“We’re really excited about what this web interface represents. We can see the future of our Data Security Platform right here,” says Philip Robinson, Head of Marketing at Lepide. “Not only does it look great, it’s incredibly easy to use and gives our users complete control over the information they want to see in their dashboards. When no two organizations are the same in terms of security priorities, pre-defined reports and dashboards alone just don’t do the job anymore.”

In addition to the new web interface, Lepide Data Security Platform 21.2 now includes several other key additions to improve threat visibility and usability. These new additions include:

  • User Centric Anomaly Detection: Users will now be able to detect anomalies in user behavior, including anomalous logon/logoff activity outside of office hours.
  • Upgraded Look and Feel for Mobile: Our IOS and Android Apps will now have an updated look and feel to improve usability.
  • Individual Report Nodes for Office 365.
  • Reports for when sensitive data is shared with external users.
  • A list for all operations performed by a user responsible for triggering an alert.
  • New built-in actionable scripts that can be configured in threat models.

For more information, click here: https://www.lepide.com/data-security-platform/