LepideAuditor Now Includes Data Discovery and Classification

Today, Lepide announced the launch of LepideAuditor 18.6 with the major addition being the introduction of Data Discovery and Classification.

The solution will now enable users to automatically scan their content for sensitive data (including PII, credit card numbers, dates of birth etc.) using a pre-defined set of conditions. It will enable users to speed up their detection of sensitive data in their IT environment through automatic discovery, tagging, classification and scoring.

This new technology has been completed developed in-house and, as such, implementation will be completely supported by our in-house support team. This ensures that, unlike many other vendors, Lepide is able to offer their Data-Centric Audit and Protection (DCAP) functionality from one comprehensive solution as opposed to relying on third party vendor partnerships and integrations.

This latest introduction does not mean that Lepide is now a Data Discovery and Classification vendor. Rather, it is functionality that complements the rest of the DCAP capabilities of LepideAuditor as a whole.

“Knowing where your sensitive data resides is the first step to ensuring towards securing it,” said Aidan Simister, CEO at Lepide. “Once you use LepideAuditor to tell you this, you can use the rest of the solution to ensure least privilege access to this data and analyze user and entity behavior. We believe this makes LepideAuditor one of the most complete DCAP solutions on the market.”

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