“On the Fly” Classification Introduced into LepideAuditor 19.1

Lepide today released LepideAuditor 19.1 complete with brand new data discovery and classification functionality.

The award-winning Data Security Platform now allows users to classify folders as they are created, modified, renamed or moved in real time. This will help customers save mountains of time associated with discovery and classification across large, complex data sets. It will also help customers get a better understanding of their threat landscape and whether any changes to data pose new risk.

Below is a breakdown of all the new key functionality within LepideAuditor 19.1:

  • Classify files by risk at the point of creation, modification or copy event.
  • Users can now manually override classification, flag or re-classify if they wish.
  • More data discovery and classification-related templates have been included.
  • A new report has been included that shows actual vs recommended owners on data.
  • Users can now explore permissions on sensitive data from a right click in the console.
  • The security and functionality of the solution has been further improved.

If you would like a personalized demonstration of the new functionality within LepideAuditor, you can schedule a demo with a Lepide engineer or call Lepide on +1(0)-800-814-0578.