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Automatic Account Unlock

Administrator is a busy person; therefore, we cannot make it sure that how much time he needs to unlock the locked out account. There can be a time when many employees have sent him the requests to unlock accounts but he has not responded them because he is busy. They have been waiting for many hours but still he is busy. At that point of time, they have no other option than waiting. Due to which, their productivity gets affected.

At that time, Lepide Active Directory Self Service - automatic account unlock software helps them and the administrator a lot. Using this tool, the system administrator can schedule a time on which the LADSS software will automatically unlock the locked out accounts and send a message to the respected computers. This means, if the administrator is busy in other crucial tasks or the administrator is not available, then locked accounts will get automatically unlocked at the scheduled time reducing the employees downtime and frustration.

Administrator can configure the account unlock feature as per company policies and can configure following fields as per the requirements:

  • Daily at a specific hour
  • Every Week on a specific day and hour
  • Every Month on a specific day and hour

Configuring these fields to unlock the locked out accounts automatically is just a two-step process with the LADSS software:

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