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Meet GDPR Compliance with LepideAuditor

Prepare your organization for your next GDPR audit with LepideAuditor. LepideAuditor is a complete GDPR compliance audit software, providing numerous pre-defined GDPR audit reports to help your organization avoid non-compliance fines.


GDPR Compliance Software

LepideAuditor uses data-centric audit and protection functionality to discover GDPR data, see who has access to it, analyze user behavior and ensure the surrounding environment is secure. With hundreds of pre-set reports related to GDPR specific requirements, you’ll be able to quickly and easily meet those GDPR audits and avoid potentially crippling fines.

Discover GDPR-Related Data

Discover, classify, tag and score data based on whether it is applicable under GDPR compliance.

Track Permissions to GDPR Data

Ensure that the only users able to access GDPR data are those that require access for their job.

Report on GDPR Data

Numerous pre-defined reports tailored to meet some of the more stringent auditing aspects of GDPR compliance.

How We Help Meet GDPR Compliance Requirements

Satisfy GDPR Audit Requirements

LepideAuditor is a comprehensive Data Security Platform that will allow you to identify and protect the sensitive data of EU citizens. Ensure you are able to quickly detect and react to potential data security threats through pre-defined reports, real time alerts, anomaly spotting and powerful permissions and change auditing.

Monitor User Behavior With GDPR Data

Track and monitor what your users are doing with data that falls under GDPR requirements. Spot anomalies in user behavior and automate your response your unwanted or unauthorized changes.

Mapping GDPR Articles to LepideAuditor

Principles Related to the Processing of Personal Data
Article 5

Ensure that all personal data is processed in a way that protects the data against unauthorized access, unlawful processing and accidental deletion through in-depth permissions reporting and access monitoring.

Responsibility of the Controller
Article 24

Prove that you are processing data as per GDPR requirements by being able to generate pre-defined reports of all interactions with personal data stored in files, folders and mailboxes in your critical IT environment.

Data Protection By Design and By Default
Article 25

Analyze user and entity behavior, spot anomalies, track file and folder modifications and spot permission changes to help implement data-protection principles, such as a policy of least privilege.

Records of Processing Activities
Article 30

Discover and classify your sensitive data, determine who has access to it and set up detailed auditing so that you have a record of exactly what is happening to the data. Get alerts on suspicious activity/behavior.

Notify Supervisory Authority of a Personal Data Breach
Article 33

Use LepideAuditor to detect breaches involving personal data. Generate pre-defined reports and real time alerts that will enable you to react quickly and take the correct information to the supervisory authority.

Data Protection Impact Assessment
Article 35

Take a data risk assessment with Lepide to understand where your areas of data security weakness are and get actionable advice on how to strengthen them. Instantly see where GDPR breaches are likely to originate.

Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Ready To Start Using Lepide?

We offer a fully functional free trial that runs for 15-days with no obligation at the end. If you don’t want to trial the solution, you can schedule an in-depth, personalized demo by clicking on the link below.

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