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Meet ISO 27001 Compliance with LepideAuditor

Prepare your organization for an ISO 27001 certification with LepideAuditor. LepideAuditor is a complete ISO compliance software, providing numerous pre-defined compliance and security reports to help your organization avoid non-compliance fines.


ISO 27001 Compliance Software

LepideAuditor uses data-centric audit and protection functionality to discover information covered by ISO 27001 compliance, see who has access to it, analyze user behavior and ensure the surrounding environment is secure. With hundreds of pre-set reports related to compliance and security, you’ll be able to quickly and easily meet compliance audits and avoid potentially crippling fines.

Discover ISO-Related Data

Discover, classify, tag and score data based on whether it is applicable under ISO compliance.

Track Permissions to ISO Data

Ensure that the only users able to access information are those that require legitimate access for their job.

Report on ISO Data

Numerous pre-defined reports tailored to meet some of the more stringent auditing aspects of ISO compliance.

How We Help Meet ISO 27001 Compliance Requirements

Analyze Risk to Your Systems and Data

Easily identify the greatest risks to your data security and take steps to remediate vulnerabilities. Identify where your most sensitive data resides within your systems, govern access, analyze user behavior and audit changes being made.

Track User Behavior With Sensitive Data

Track and monitor what your users are doing with data that falls under ISO requirements. Spot anomalies in user behavior and automate your response your unwanted or unauthorized changes.

Mapping ISO Articles to LepideAuditor

Organization of Information Security
Article 6

This article is essentially about control. LepideAuditor helps ensure that you are reducing the risk of data loss by identifying who your most privileged users are and governing access to your most sensitive data.

Access Control
Article 9

Control who has access to your most sensitive data by first identifying where your most sensitive data is and who has access to it using Lepide. This will help you to implement strict access controls on a policy of least privilege.

Operations Security
Article 12

LepideAuditor will track, monitor and alert on any changes made to configurations in key data stores, or changes made to Group Policy Objects so that you can check whether those changes are authorized.

Information Security Incident Management
Article 16

LepideAuditor will provide you with a real time alert when a security incident takes place, and also a full audit trail to help investigate the root cause. You can have real time alerts delivered to specific team members to share responsibility.

Planning Information Security Continuity
Article 17

LepideAuditor enables you to establish a strong information security strategy designed to protect data on-premise and in the cloud. Analyze user behavior, detect suspicious activity and rollback and restore unwanted changes.

Compliance with External Requirements
Article 18

LepideAuditor is able to scan data at the point of creation and modification to identify data related to compliance regulations. Pre-defined compliance reports help to map Lepide functionality to specific articles.

Protect Core Systems – On-Premise and in the Cloud

You can also integrate with any of your favorite apps or SIEM solutions for even wider coverage.

Ready To Start Using Lepide?

We offer a fully functional free trial that runs for 15-days with no obligation at the end. If you don’t want to trial the solution, you can schedule an in-depth, personalized demo by clicking on the link below.

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