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Prepare your organization for your next GLBA audit with LepideAuditor. LepideAuditor is a complete GLBA compliance audit software, providing numerous pre-defined GLBA audit reports to help your organization avoid non-compliance fines.

Thousands of companies all over the world use LepideAuditor to help prevent data breaches.

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GLBA Compliance Software

Complying with FFIEC is not an easy task, as it involves multiple frameworks being put in place simultaneously. One important task FFIEC requires you to undertake is regular and pro-active auditing of critical IT systems and data. However, maintaining a stringent auditing strategy of server components through native methodologies is not easy, as the process can be both time consuming and complex. LepideAuditor provides you with an extra weapon when it comes to IT auditing; with continuous monitoring, predefined reports and real-time alerts on for detecting critical changes.

Secure GLBA Data

Ensure users aren’t accessing data related to GLBA unless they require that access to perform their job role.

Monitor Access to GLBA Data

Monitor and alert on all user behavior relating to data that falls under GLBA compliance regulations.

Pre-Set GLBA Reports

Numerous pre-defined reports tailored to meet some of the more stringent auditing aspects of GLBA compliance.

How We Help Meet GLBA Compliance Requirements

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LepideAuditor can be sold as individual components or as a full Data Security Platform. See what other components are included in LepideAuditor.

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LepideAuditor is straightforward to use and effective right off the bat. Plus, the level of patience, attentiveness and technical knowhow is far beyond most support and sales teams I’ve seen before.

Drayke Jackson Security Engineer

While price was a factor, we ultimately chose Lepide as they were able to offer us threshold alerting, a way of separating out reporting duties to a web console and a site licence with extended support and maintenance.

Kevin Gallagher Senior Systems Administrator

LepideAuditor is a perfect fit for our IT Security and Compliance requirements. It helps us cut out a lot of wasted time and money and now we know we can be compliant with industry standards.

Agnel DSilva Information Technology Administrator

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