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Audit Non-Owner and Owner Mailbox Access

Perhaps your CEO has a PA with access to their mailbox, or maybe you have some shared mailboxes you just want to keep a track of. Whether it’s for HR, Security or just good practice in such situations you really need to make sure you have proper auditing in place. With Lepide’s Exchange Server audit solution you can audit based on specific user access and instantly get alerts and receive regular reports showing you who, what, when and where from a specific mailbox was accessed and what they did. And if you need even more granular Exchange utilization reports, we also have a separate solution.

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How We Audit Non-Owner and Owner Mailbox Access

Auditing Mailbox Access by Delegated Users

If you have delegated access to your mailbox users, you will need to know what actions they are performing within those mailboxes and when. Our mailbox access auditing solution enables you to run a report on all actions performed by delegated users, including who performed it, where they performed it, what they did and when.

Non-Owner Mailbox Access Auditing

If a non-owner accesses a mailbox, it could be a sign that an unauthorized individual has got access to potentially sensitive emails and data. LepideAuditor enables you to generate a list of all mailboxes accessed by non-owners to give you better visibility into whether your Exchange Server is secure.

Auditing Mailbox Access by Owners

It is never wise to operate on a trust-based policy. Any user, regardless of seniority level, privileges or department, must be monitored in the same way to ensure complete Exchange Server security. This means auditing mailbox access by owners. With this report, you will be able to see what your users are doing in their Exchange Server environment and spot suspicious behaviour more easily.

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