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Lepide Software had launched today the upgraded version of LepideAuditor for File Server i.e. 15.1. This version has new features to manage NetApp Filers effectively for auditing. The software will now detect and add computers for auditing from all domains in the network using “From AD” option. A new auditing status “No Rule Applied” now will be displayed for those File Servers on which no audit rule has been applied. … Read more

Lepide Software had today launched the upgraded version 15.0 of Lepide Active Directory Self Service. This new version now features an option to install GINA/CP agents on the computers from the Admin Console itself. A GINA/CP agent lets a user reset his/her password from the Windows login (CTRL+ALT+DEL) screen itself. With the new feature, the administrator now just has to add the computers and select the required ones to install … Read more

Lepide Software had launched today a new and upgraded version of its flagship product – Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager 15.0. This version will now support Office 365 as a Source earlier; it was accepting Office 365 as Destination only. All operations for a Source will be available for it also. A user can now migrate an Office 365 mailbox or its content to hosted Exchange Server or same/different Office 365. … Read more