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Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. announces launch of Lepide Active Directory Bulk Image Editor- a free tool to upload and manage images in Active Directory’s thumbnailPhoto and jpegPhoto attributes. Software simplifies the process to upload, remove, changes and export images in bulk and sets the users free from intricate command line tools that are used to upload images.

Lepide Software announces the release of LepideAuditor for File Server- a cutting edge solution to track and report changes made in network-wide available File Servers, so as to prevent sensitive business data from unauthorized access. LepideAuditor for File Server keeps a close watch at changes made to files servers and reports changes with who made what changes in which file, folder, share or permissions and from where (workstation) details. Software … Read more

Lepide Software announces the launch of Lepide Exchange Reporter Version 12.12.01. Lepide Exchange Reporter Version 12.12.01 is now available with improved scanning speed for faster data collection and additional reports for Public Folder, Storage and Mailbox information. Software also supports Unicode characters in database and schedules name. To enhance the comprehensibility of reports, graphical representation of some of the reports has been enhanced. This new version of Lepide Exchange Reporter … Read more

Lepide Software announces the release of Lepide Active Directory Manager Version 12.12.01. Updated version of the software is now available with advanced features and enhanced GUI. The biggest highlights of this version of Lepide Active Directory Manager are the functionality to create bulk users from CSV file and create built -in reports right from the tree of each domain. Now users can also experience more interactive GUI, as in updated … Read more