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Over the last month Lepide has undergone a brand transformation that now sees the adoption of a colorful new logo. The change coincides with Lepide’s renewed focus on promoting their powerful LepideAuditor Suite. The new logo draws heavily from the intuitive Dashboard of LepideAuditor Suite, with the colorful grid representing each of the critical IT systems that the solution helps to audit, monitor and alert on. Philip Robinson, Regional Marketing … Read more

Today Lepide launches version 16.2 of LepideMigrator for Documents with new features for file server to Google Drive migration. In this new version, users will be able to convert documents’ original format to Google format while uploading files. For example, text files can be converted to Google Docs and XLS to Google Sheet. Similarly, all the files can be converted to their respective Google Drive format. Another new feature allows … Read more

Lepide today introduced version 16.3 of LepideAuditor Suite with File Server Current Permission Reporting. This new feature shows the effective current permissions of the Shared Folders and its files and sub-folders. The solution now offers Non-Owner Mailbox Access auditing along with general auditing support for Exchange Server 2016. The new version also audits SQL Server 2016. Custom Reports have also been introduced as a part of File Server Modification Reports. … Read more