Further Improve the Security of Active Directory with Lepide Active Directory Self Service 22.1

With the latest update of Lepide Active Directory Self Service (LADSS) 22.1, administrators can now specify the number of wrong attempts before a user is locked out, and the duration that the user is locked out for.

You can also block users and IP addresses by Group. Any member of a blocked group will not be able to log into the solution, further enhancing the security of Active Directory.

In addition, further control is given to admins to determine how and when users are blocked from accessing the solution, including being able to block users during a specified timeframe.

Version 22.1 also allows admins to modify the email notifications that are sent to end users when specific operations take place, giving them more control.

For a full list of updates and enhancements in Lepide Active Directory Self Service 22.1, read our release history.