Client Testimonials

Steve Bohlen
Network Administrator

We used Lepide Active Directory Self Service for centralized management of users and their computer systems and we would like to suggest this tool for every other organization too. This tool is very user friendly and ideal for corporate environment. Software interface is easy to understand and is devised to be as simple as possible. I would highly recommend you to utilize this tool coz you can generate audit reports at your computer system that gives you a peek into account status, password status as well as allied user information updating activities. The software continues to make our entire staff efficient and focus on important work."

Joe Creel
Facility and Maintenance Manager

Mind Blowing!!! It was surprising how your AD software worked. We have experienced a sudden decrease in helpdesk calls, coz the staff can themselves perform account unlocks and password changes. Just amazing, now our IT staff can concentrate on other important jobs. I was so thrilled that I just cant explain, employees can update their personal information at real time. The most amazing thing about this tool is that I am able to see the latest report of who changed the password when, who had account lockouts and I can manage the user policies from my system itself. Its just a wonderful experience. Thanks."

Tom Glenn
Business Development Manager

We are a big corporate family with multiple domains and innumerous applications at work and it becomes essential to effectively manage IT systems in an organization like ours. Storing passwords in a safe, secure and functional manner is also a matter considered seriously. Lepide Active Directory tools help us to make sure we don't lag behind. this easy to use tool helps us to achieve our goals of password security and offers us with everything that is required to keep the workflow flawless."

Constantinos Zeniou
IT Assistant, MSC Ship Management Cyprus

We were looking for an auditing software for our file server that was easy to use and to be possible to create alerts and reports. After a recommendation we have read online for Lepide Auditor for File Server we proceed with a trial version. We install it on a Windows Server 2008 R2 that is our fileserver and the database is configure on a Windows 2012 R2 with SQL 2012. We found everything we were looking for With LepideAuditor for File Server. The whole configuration and setup was very easy to implement and also It doesn't take much resources. The report console and the presets are very good. Some of the very good ones is Permission Changes, File Permission changes, Folder Permission changes. There is a search function that you can search the reports. Also you can setup alerts for specific actions. It’s a blast when you can see live what is happening on you fileserver. We proceed and bought LepideAuditor for File Server with no second thoughts and we will probably check for more software from Lepide."

William Kolouris

The product updates Lepide Team provided for upgrades and features has been extremely good. Kudos to the Development Team for their approach."

Sergio Moretti

The ADSS tool saved us an excellent amount of time and affected our productivity in a good way. The option to give the right to other Users to unlock accounts and reset passwords took a load off of our helpdesk team. Thanks"

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