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We found LepideAuditor to be a powerful auditing solution that could easily manage the tracking of Group Policy, Active Directory and File Servers. It enabled us to get an in-depth insight into changes being made in our overall IT infrastructure. 10 out of 10!

  Tim Moutafis - IT Manager

LepideAuditorTM helped Bass Coast Health track changes in their IT Environment

Website - www.basscoasthealth.org.au

Industry - Health Sector

Location - Australia

Executive Overview

With over 600 employees, Bass Coast Health (BCH) is a major public healthcare provider within the Bass Coast Shire, located on South Gippsland. The organization offers a wide range of medical, surgical and obstetric services; including gynaecology, paediatrics, urology, rehabilitation etc.

Bass Coast Health were finding it difficult to manage and audit Group Policy, Active Directory and File Servers from a single place. Most importantly, they were unable to track security permissions to the file servers. They needed an in-depth view of their overall IT infrastructure, which spanned across the globe with multiple geographic locations. This kind of visibility was simply not possible with the native auditing methods they were attempting to use.

LepideAuditor helped Bass Coast Health track events and activities in their Active Directory, Group Policy Objects and File Servers. With the help of advanced search filters, the solution enabled them to find out who, what, when and where changes were being made across their critical IT servers.

It also provided them with a 360-degree dashboard view of the whole IT environment, along with a graphical display that displayed all changes being made to each platform.

On top of everything, LepideAuditor also offered detailed reporting features and the ability to send real-time or threshold-based alerts via email, as updates to Radar Tab and as push notifications to its Mobile App whenever any change or suspicious activity was detected.