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We chose LepideAuditor Suite because it was easy to install, fairly priced and
the mobile app offered something its competitors didn’t.

  James Tuson - Systems and Network Administrator

LepideAuditor Suite gave JSR the ability to proactively track changes being made to their critical IT systems

Website - www.jsracs.wa.edu.au/Home.aspx

Industry - Private, Co-educational

Location - Australia

Executive Overview

John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School (JSRACS or JSR) is a dual-campus, co-educational private school in Perth, Western Australia named after the notable West Australian and first Surveyor-General of Western Australia, John Septimus Roe. It is a largest member of the Anglican Schools Commission and also noted for having the longest name of any school in Western Australia.

JSR recognised that they had no pro-active means of auditing and monitoring changes to their most critical IT systems. The System Administrator realised that using native methods for auditing their IT systems left them in a vulnerable state. There was a lack of visibility into changes being made and no real way for them to identify potential attacks or malicious changes before it was too late.

After considering numerous options, JSR chose Lepide to help them with their auditing needs as it was more fairly priced than its competitors. LepideAuditor Suite provided them with comprehensive visibility into what was happening to their critical IT systems. It gave them a live feed of changes as they occurred, and gave them insight into the who, what, when and where of every change made. Using the solution, JSR was able to bolster its network security and protect itself from potential attacks or data loss.