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LepideAuditor provides us with compliance controls and reporting that allowed us to meet our PCI obligations whilst maintaining good Active Directory hygiene.

  Jag Kalkal - IT Security and Compliance Manager

LepideAuditor helped Kaplan easily meet the audit and compliance requirements of PCI

Website - www.kaplan.edu.au

Industry - Education

Location - Australia

Executive Overview

Kaplan International is a division of the education company Kaplan Inc., headquartered in London and founded in 1967. Kaplan International provides English language courses, university and exam preparation and academic foundation courses worldwide. Courses are taught in city center schools, on university campuses and online.

Kaplan has eight hundred fifty full time employees. The company were required to meet the audit and compliance requirements of both PCI and ISO27000. Given the large size of the organization, Kaplan was lacking the means to generate a set of reports showing the exact information in the correct format that compliance officers were after.

LepideAuditor offered Kaplan the ability to meet PCI and other compliance requirements through better controls and pre-defined reports. It also helped their admins maintain good Active Directory hygiene in the process. LepideAuditor gave Kaplan a strong foundation on which to build their compliance auditing plan, which was gradually implemented in their organization. IT officers at Kaplan said, “With LepideAuditor, we are able to now proactively manage our environment and user base.”