IT Operations

LepideAuditor helps you overcome many of the limitations associated with manually auditing changes to key data and infrastructure. IT teams in large organizations can quickly find themselves overwhelmed with helpdesk calls for menial tasks; wasting time, money and resources. LepideAuditor helps to automate the troubleshooting of user management issues, whilst also helping IT teams maintain consistent access to systems and data.

Over 5,000 Organizations Use LepideAuditor to Streamline IT Operations

How We Help in Streamlining IT Operation

Maintain Access to Systems and Data

  • Determine who is accessing your data to spot whether unauthorised activities are taking place that could result in downtime
  • Help ensure the integrity of Exchange Server through auditing who is accessing your mailboxes and reading critical emails
  • Get notified of any permission changes taking place in Active Directory, File Server and Exchange Server
  • Determine who is actually logging onto and off of your critical systems; including failed logon attempts
  • Restore unwanted changes in a matter of clicks, helping you to reverse any potentially damaging changes that have taken place
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Roll Back Unwanted Changes

  • Regularly capture backup screenshots of the states of Active Directory Objects and Group Policy Objects
  • Roll back changes in seconds from Active Directory and Group Policy reports
  • Restore deleted objects that are in a “Tombstone” state, as well as Active Directory Objects that are neither in “Tombstone” nor “Logically Deleted” states
  • Reverse unauthorised or potentially damaging changes to Group Policy
  • Generate reports on the previous state of Active Directory and Group Policy; including objects, permissions, audit settings and object ownership
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Troubleshoot User Management Issues

  • Determine when unauthorized activities are taking place in critical servers through logon/logoff reports
  • Ensure that privileges haven’t been awarded to users that have no need for them through detailed permission audit reports
  • Notify users periodically when passwords are due to expire to reduce helpdesk calls
  • Clean-up inactive accounts regularly and automatically to ensure that they are not leveraged for nefarious purposes
  • Check the status of user accounts in real time and unlock accounts easily to get one step ahead of potential issues
  • Delegate tasks such as unlocking accounts, resetting passwords etc. to users to save time
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