Active Directory Cleanup

Sometimes an employee leaves the business and HR neglect to mention it to IT or perhaps you’re a college or university with a constantly changing user base. Either way trying to keep track of inactive user accounts manually can be somewhat laborious. Sure, if you’re PowerShell whizz you can fashion something to bridge the gap though frankly given how easy and cost effective we make the process is it really worth the aggravation? We think not – and we think you’ll agree once you’ve tried it too. This simple, reasonably priced solution is available either standalone or as a fully integrated component our award winning LepideAuditor.

Active Directory Inactive Users Audit Report

We offer instant visibility of inactive users in seconds

Upon installation, you will be instantly greeted by our friendly interface, within minutes you will be able to see a complete list of your inactive users in your Active Directory which you can organize and sort based on date last logged on, OU or user type. You them select which accounts you want to manage and either automate actions to either move them to another OU, reset their passwords, disable them or if you’re feeling really brave, just delete them all together (no fear as if you use it in conjunction with our LepideAuditor solution, you can even restore them back exactly as they were)..

Inactive Account Notifications Delivered to Email

We give you all the reports you could ever need

This solution provides a whole range of reporting options making it easy to get instant insight as to REAL last logon, users that have never logged on, and more. You can subscribe the reports to have them delivered automatically to any email address, or you can run ad hoc and export them to CSV, MHT or PDF for further interrogation – as needed.

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