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In this IT age, networking is the key to most business operations. Every access to any system in a network domain is thus entrusted through user accounts and upon correct user password approval. Since, critical business data and transactions are shared on the network, illicit attempts for account access is an alluring prospect for trespassers who try to supersede in their own felonious intentions. Thus, account lockout and password usage … Read more

We’re not talking about deploying a database for the mobile using SQL Server Compact rather we’re here by discussing any possibility to bring the SQL Management Studio to the handheld devices entirely or partially. The day when Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android transformed the existing world of handheld devices, everybody is talking about to bring the giant computer applications and facilities to the smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc. Here, the thought … Read more

Account lockouts are one of the common problems that IT administrators have to deal with. As common as it may sound, the total loss of productivity in the organization due to account lockouts is a big issue when you quantify it in monetary terms. Employees logging on to the system finding that their account has been locked can do nothing except find a means of informing administrators and waiting for … Read more

Applying the policy of password expiration after a specific period enhances the security inside an organization, complies with international security standards, and low down the chances of unauthorized access inside the network. Yes, the users will be notified with the logon alerts to change the password before seven or more days of password expiry. However, some users don’t receive these alerts when they’re not physically available to reset the password … Read more

MS SQL server is a very popular database management system (DBMS) which is used to store records or data stored in a computer system in a proper way. This database software is equipped with a number of beneficial options for the entry, storage, management, and retrieval of data from the database. The SQL server database files are very essential so they must be handled with care so that safety, security … Read more

A database management system (DBMS) is computer software developed with the objective of managing databases. The DBMS are structured collections of records or data stored in a computer system storage medium. The MS SQL is one of the best known DBMS which is responsible for the entry, storage, management, and retrieval of data in a database.

It is commonly observed that admin personnel of an organization often feel the overburden of requests that come from the users to change or reset their account settings. The administrators and helpdesk professionals are always loaded with the requests of updating profile information, resetting account password or unlocking a locked account.

Active Directory is used for an array of network services to store information and data related to network and domains. Active Directory utilizes central database and enables administrators to assign policies, share software and perform critical updates for entire organization. Active Directory may consist of thousands of users and different domains and can be small, large or anything in between. AD controls access and sets security wall therefore, any unauthorized … Read more

As the number of users and volume of user-account related transactions carried out by them increases in an organization, enterprises are increasingly getting concerned about the manageability and security of account related data. Of all the Identity Management related challenges, password related

Self service Active Directory utility is very essential for those users who have configured AD database as it makes the tasks of administrators easier by effectively managing active directory. It has been experienced that administrators are often overburdened with the requests of updating profile information or resetting account password or unlocking a locked account. All these operations cause backlogs which further affects productivity. Using self service Active Directory systems, the … Read more