Information about last shrinking operation performed 1889
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Thread: Information about last shrinking operation performed

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    Information about last shrinking operation performed

    I can't find any Database Maintenance Plan or individual SQL agent job that is explicitly shrinking it so I'm not sure how to find out when it has happened.

    Is there a system table or view that I could use to find out when the last shrink operation on transaction log was done?

    So I can I check the last time a shrink operation was done on a SQL Server 2000 transaction log ?

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    Hello Patrick

    You should be able to determine this from the "last modified" time on the "ldf" file (unless it has autogrown in the interim - which seems unlikely as it is still only 1MB)
    Does the database have logged activity happening? (make sure)
    Is the autoshrink database option turned on? (You wouldn't see a SQL agent job if that was the case a background task performs these shrink operations). This setting is extremely unrecommended
    You can also go for Microsoft support for shrinking database

    keep updating us



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