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Thread: FSA Issue with New folder creation and rename

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    FSA Issue with New folder creation and rename

    I need some help regarding, whenever i create a new folder then reports generated as a new folder is created but when I rename it, reports does not show the actual
    name of folder instead it shows "new folder" in file name field?

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    FSA Issue with New folder creation and rename

    Thanks for sharing the issue here Syed.

    When we create a folder on the file server, When we create a folder, event is registered as create folder. Now when we rename the folder, a separate event is registered as folder rename. File/Folder create will show only the folder create event but the All Changes report will show both the events as, 1. File/Folder Create, 2. File/Folder rename with the rename path.

    For example:

    When we create a folder then the "file name" in report console under all changes will show as "new folder" and the changed folder name will appear in the "rename path" in report console.

    That is, file name will show the original name of folder which appears at the time when we create a folder and when we changed the name of that folder then it shows the changed name under "rename path".

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